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John Legend will perform his new song “Pieces” at the 74th Primetime Emmy Awards on NBC on September 12. She will be the backdrop for the In Memoriam segment of the ceremony. His involvement was revealed by Emmy executive producer Reginald “Reggie” Hudlin during a press conference Thursday night.

(LR) Reggie Hudlin, Kenan Thompson, Ian Stewart and Frank Sherma on Thursday
Michael Buckner/KristenBellTattoos.com

“Normally, we wouldn’t write a new song in a situation like this. We listened with skepticism, which was quickly replaced by wild enthusiasm. It’s an incredibly powerful touching song,” Hudlin said. “You guys are all John Legend fans, you know how he can grab you right in the heart and break you. … John Legend’s performance is always a delight, and the song is unique, special and uniquely suited to the context in which we place it.”

The producers also revealed that Zedd, a five-time Grammy nominee, producer and DJ, became the 2022 Emmy DJ, and Sam Jay, a stand-up comedian who received two Emmy nominations as a screenwriter. Saturday night life like a speaker.

The transformation of the look of the Emmy TV show began last year when the same executive producers, Hudlin and Ian Stewart, ditched stadium seating in favor of seating the nominees at tables.

The process is accelerating this year, Stewart said, and partying at the table is “on steroids” compared to 2021.

Hudlin added, “It’s not a stuffy place, it’s more like a club, it’s like a hot restaurant.”

The producers explained that the LA Live audience is transforming to allow transport to “other worlds” using the 3D screens that surround the dinner party set-up to immerse the audience in their favorite shows. They demonstrated the experience with the scene from squid game projected onto screens as a layout.

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