Employee is referred to HR after his clingy new coworker reports him for creating a hostile work environment.

How many of us have found ourselves ready to take on the world while completing our degree or before? Put that extra effort into building your dream career, working for a better future? It’s great to have the charisma and positive energy to change things, but what happens when it all gets a little too much? When you are considered too much? Reddit user u/DueEstablishment8602 decided to share his work story with a surprising twist and received some unexpected reactions from other community members online. The 26-year-old had just finished her master’s degree and started a new job alongside her partner Thea, 27, whose original poster found inspiration from what she has achieved in the workplace. . Little did the woman know that her admiration and desire to further her co-worker’s agenda would backfire.

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A good and inspiring working environment is one of the top priorities when coming to a new job as we spend a lot of time in the office.

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The Reddit user shared that she started her job right after graduating with her masters, later revealing that it wasn’t her first job, as she worked part-time while still studying. , but this place of work was very important to him. Because this was his first full-time job after completing his studies. 2 months prior to obtaining this job position, her workplace had hired Thea, who is still in graduate school. The original poster revealed that he admired Thea for her performance and the way she was able to handle school and important work projects.

This Reddit user decided to share her story of reporting a co-worker to HR after being unfriendly and avoiding her.

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The whole debacle started when the author of the post decided to ask her co-worker Thea if she could include him in an ongoing project and this upset Thea.

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For this reason, he decided it would be a good idea to join Thea in working on projects, so he could learn from her. At first, the new co-worker agreed with the idea, and soon it became clear that the young woman followed a very strict schedule to work. However, the storyteller revealed that he had trouble meeting these deadlines and completing tasks on time. What Thea did in this situation was to give her co-worker a different deadline, so she would still have time to prepare everything that needed to be done and be on time, next to the woman. The bar will ask to speed up.

After this encounter, the relationship between the two colleagues changed to such an extent that the writer of the story had to speak to HR.

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The OP didn’t expect the situation to turn out like the boss told him to leave Thea alone and fired her from all the projects he had with her.

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The Reddit user continued the story by explaining that one day, he noticed a large whiteboard on Thea’s desk with all the tasks and deadlines for a particular project. The woman became very curious to the point where she asked if she could join the group for the project, but Thea shut her down, saying “everything with my name on it doesn’t need to involve you. Is.” After that, the original poster noticed that the partner he had looked out for began to avoid him and became difficult to work with. He stopped being so attentive and helpful with the necessary documents, and provided different deadlines.

Soon, the woman shared some additional information as people online became very interested in the whole situation

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After seeing this, the original poster shared what happened next that made her rethink her decision and asked people online if she was really wrong. The woman came to HR and reported her co-worker as rude and unhelpful. He even claimed to have collected some evidence to back up his claims. What he didn’t expect was how his company handled the situation. The employee shared that the boss asked him to leave Thea alone and fired her from all the projects he was involved with. He also revealed that Thea has been transferred to another part of the office and that higher-ups are trying their best to prevent her from leaving the company.

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This is where the original poster asked members online if she had done anything wrong, even though she just wanted to stand up for herself. The reaction he got from other users was completely different from what he thought they were going to get. Many of them said that the woman was wrong because she was overstepping her bounds. Commenters didn’t do anything, and most of them believed that the author of the post was having trouble and that he probably slowed down his co-worker and made her work redundant. The woman added some more details that people were curious about, starting with the question of whether her partner was ranked higher than her, but she revealed that they both had the same title but at different levels. was The author also stated what kind of evidence he had before accusing his colleague of enmity. He claimed that the woman did not provide him with necessary documents and also assigned him different deadlines. However, this was not seen as sufficient evidence, as company seniors were familiar with his methods and saw no problem with the way he operated.

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Online users didn’t sugarcoat it and the original poster got a kick out of reporting her co-worker and making her job very difficult.

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