Employee quits, gets demoted a few weeks later a new hotshot manager tries to “fire” him

When hearing or reading horror stories about work, we often hear about unbearable managers who don’t follow the rules they set or who don’t care how bad you feel, making you work. But should come. Maybe it’s because power can go to someone’s head and they forget how to be a decent human being.

A manager who is a Reddit user thechik1 Was told about it was really bad and undeservedly hit a guy who didn’t even work at that place anymore. However, what makes the story so satisfying is that the manager was demoted for his unprofessional behavior.

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One Reddit user shared a satisfying story about how an abusive manager deservedly got demoted

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The original poster (OP) worked in a chain restaurant when she was still in college. At that location, they hired managers with no prior experience as this was the restaurant where they would be trained.

Management will change regularly as trained personnel move on to other locations and new apprentices arrive. Oddly, the managers who were brand new to their positions were very full of themselves and, as Theschick put it, “a little bit of a power trip.”

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OP used to work in a restaurant which was a management training location

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The former hostess was sick of the work environment and, a year later, decided to leave and was lucky enough to find a new job. She gave her two weeks notice directly to the General Manager and went on her blissful path without any hard feelings.

But after those two weeks, Opie received a notification with her work schedule at the restaurant. She decides to call the restaurant and warns them that they should schedule someone else because she no longer works there.

After a year of working there, OP decided to leave and gave him two weeks notice

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Looks like the paperwork was not done correctly and the Redditor was being kept on schedule even though she was no longer working there

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This happened after another two weeks and Thischick1 called the restaurant once again. Both the times the manager on duty apologized for troubling him and ended the conversation without doing any scene.

As she knew how work was conducted there and how important it was for an employee to arrive on time, the OP explained to the manager that she would be overseas, so if it happened again, she wouldn’t be able to call them to anyone. Asked the other person to schedule on time, which is why he told them to pay more attention to the actual employee list.

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The third time this happened, she couldn’t call the restaurant to tell them they were wrong again because she was abroad

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It seems they didn’t listen because Theschik1 was on vacation in Spain, getting a lot of messages from a new manager at the restaurant who said he was late for work.

This happened the third time, but the OP was ready to respond to messages and was still patient and courteous, explaining that she no longer worked there and it was a mystery to her why she was still on schedule was going .

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So he got some angry messages from the manager saying he was late for work and would be written to

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Even though the OP explained that she no longer works there, she was bullied over text for being unprofessional, lazy and a brat

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The fact that the OP was no longer an employee somehow didn’t register and the manager started requiring him to come over immediately, otherwise he would be written off.

The former employee explained that she was overseas and that even if she hadn’t, the scheduling problems weren’t there for her to solve anymore. But the sense of power did not allow the manager to see the situation clearly and he accused Theschik 1 of being lazy and irresponsible for not giving him notice in advance and leaving the company.

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The woman sent screenshots of the messages to another manager and later learned that the employee had been demoted and transferred

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This didn’t sit well with the OP and he sent a screenshot of his conversation to one of the other managers. The most satisfying thing is that the rude new manager was demoted and sent to work at a different location.

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