Employers Have Important Role In Cervical Cancer Screenings

It is estimated that there are 3,200 new cases. Cancer of the lower part of the uterus The most effective treatment in the UK every year? Catch it quickly. Cervical screening. Yet there are still significant hurdles for those wishing to attend cervical screening appointments, ranging from unacceptable. Infamy Transgender men face financial constraints in the healthcare system, such as not taking time off from work.

New research from Barley Cervical Cancer Trust. This indicates that only one in five full-time workers was able to access cervical screening when they last booked. As the UK’s Cervical Cancer Charity points out, this “failure to get appointments around work is delaying many people’s life-saving screenings.” In addition, one in five workers has to use their annual leave to attend cervical screening. This is not good enough.

However, the Cervical Cancer Trust has conducted significant research to inform employers on how they can encourage employees to take the time to have cervical screening. Without It’s eating on their annual vacation, or getting sick pay. Their research shows that 62% of participants felt that “increasing the discussion about women’s health in the workplace will make them feel more comfortable taking the time to take care of their health.”

The charity also noted that while working from home has made it difficult for some people to attend medical appointments, 28% of participants found it easy. This has significant implications if employers plan to return to the office, as the charity warns, “this progress may be nullified.” In a survey of 1,020 women and people with cervical cancer, the Jose Cervical Cancer Trust found that many workers report using annual leave, sick leave or even unpaid leave. “10% said they Use more than one annual leave to attend cervical screening. “

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He also expressed concern over the fact that one in three participants said they felt less able to take the time to attend medical appointments due to epidemics. Asking for participation. ”

Haley Prince, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer at the age of 32, explained the obstacles she faced: “I work in the NHS and was a single mother at the time, because I was so busy. It was difficult for me to find an appointment without a suitable time for a day off.

“My treatment includes chemotherapy and internal and external radiotherapy and thankfully I made everything clear, but I’m afraid to think about what could have happened if I had taken it further.

“I think, as an important screening, we should be given time to attend the smear test in the same way that employers should allow you to attend a prenatal appointment. Your life may be saved. Can. “

Samantha Dixon, chief executive of the Joe’s Cervical Cancer Trust, said: “There are many obstacles to cervical screening, but the work is a very practical one that we must try to deal with. The way to give our staff time to test To find out, especially when we start coming back to the office, we should try to avoid putting too many obstacles.

“It is disturbing to see that many people have to attend regular medical appointments on annual or sick leave, which causes some delays. Employers can help prevent this and have cervical screening and cervical screening. Health can be highlighted and important in the workplace, so more women and people with cervix feel confident and informed to participate.

That’s why the charity started themTime to test.Campaign to encourage employers to “play a major role in increasing cervical screening and cervical cancer profiles in the workplace and empowering their team to take care of their cervical health.”

We think this is a great idea. To learn more about the ‘Time to Test’ campaign, click here. Here.

Click here for more information on how to book a cervical screening. Here.

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