Encounters of 40 Celebs Who Are ‘So Pure’ Reasons Why They’re So Common

For most of us, meeting someone famous strikes us all immediately. But sometimes, it feels so casual, even mundane, that it still feels very special, if not so.

Twitter user @MavenofHonor has been followed by people on Twitter sharing their encounters with celebrities who, unlike others, were very normal and cool. share How he saw Diane Keaton in the Gap back in 2002.

Later garnering over 86,100 likes and over 60,700 retweets, it went viral and here we are with some of the best reactions to the tweet.


image Source: MaveofHonor

Scroll down to see the curated list, and why not upvote and comment on the encounters you enjoyed the most. And while you’re at it, share your very own mundane celebrity stories in the comments section below!

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