Engineer is furious after the hiring team changed his promised $ 40,000 salary per contract at $ 8 an hour on interview day

It is a well known fact that careers can be challenging and exhausting. First, you will spend forever learning and qualifying for your chosen profession. God forbid, halfway through you realize that this is not what you really want to do, so you jump into even more debt by changing your path. The time comes, you finally graduate, and things get more and more alarming as you leave the education system for the first time, so you need to figure it out on your own.

Time flies by, and you have applied to dozens of companies. Finally, you have some experience on your checklist – you are now married and responsibilities have doubled, so you struggle to find a company that offers decent pay. But then you run into a rather unhealthy business that starts out with lies:

This is the story of a Reddit user WaterFidec… He used anti-work subreddit to share all the problems he faced when looking for a job as a mechanical engineer. The post has now been labeled “maybe fake, but we love it,” so we can’t be absolutely sure the story wasn’t embellished for entertainment purposes. However, he received over 67K votes and nearly 9K comments, with people engaging in heated debates across the entire situation.

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This is the story of how the company wanted to attract potential hires with fake paychecks.

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The OP shared a strange story about how the organization he potentially wanted to work for informed him of the annual salary he would receive as a mechanical engineer. However, when he arrived for an interview, the salary, to put it mildly, was severely cut.

The organization offers $ 40,000 a year, but magically reduces it to $ 8 an hour during the interview.

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The OP begins by explaining that he is a proud holder of an engineering degree and that one day he received a phone call from the company he was supposedly contacting. The hiring team explained to the OP that he would be making $ 40,000 a year, and from the looks of it, he was delighted with the potential offer.

The day of the interview has arrived; however, the team’s proposal had completely different numbers. It was said that the contract would start at $ 8 for a period of 9 months. And then eventually they can consider that $ 40,000.

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However, the OP put the dots together and realized that when they were discussing payment earlier, the hiring team mentioned a project that would last roughly 8 to 9 months.

Naturally, the OP asked the interviewers if the contract was based solely on this project, to which he received an awkward silence and crystal clear lies.

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Operations clearly disliked the fact that he was being lied to in his face, so he decided to ask the hiring team ahead of time if they could survive on $ 8 an hour. Moreover, he did not forget to add that they will also pay him for his experience and skills, not just for work.

But one of the interviewers decided to express his concern and reminisce about his past with chicken eggs, which could only be assumed, in order to somehow convince the OP to accept the offer. To this, the OP asked if the man meant that developing it for their company would only cost a few dollars more than removing chicken waste from their eggs.

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After he was kicked out of the interview, our OP began to doubt his reality. He said that he and his wife agreed never to have children solely because of how expensive everything is.

He also shared incredibly inflated prices for mobile homes, with his mother-in-law costing a quarter of a million and asking for $ 45,000 in down payment.

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After thinking about life and its costs, the OP began to think that if an engineering degree and a bunch of loans didn’t really matter in the world of a career, he might gain experience working in a fast food restaurant, since the starting salary is a whole sum. a dollar more than an engineering company.

Things like this happen because you never know if years of study will pay off or if you end up as our OP. Moreover, it is a daily practice where companies ask for years and years of experience so that you can apply for a certain position, and people who have just graduated find it difficult to find a job that is related to their degrees, which quite often leads to similar ones. stories.

What do you think about this situation?

Colleagues online users were equally shocked by the OP situation.

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