Entitled Karen Called This Teenager For Refusing To Give A Plane Seat That Had More Space In Front

Flying by plane is not the most enjoyable journey, especially if you have to fly with cheap airlines. There’s usually not much room and if you want to be able to get a few shots through the window, you’ll have to pay extra to reserve a seat or pray that they’ll be there when they’re assigning them for free. You get it.

Some airlines, like Southwest, don’t even have assigned seats, which can certainly cause conflict, as this Redditor first experienced. an 18 year old girl who goes avelfond On stage wants to know if it was wrong not to give up a window seat to a woman who asked for it because she was called a “little b****” for it.

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A teenager is puzzled if she was actually so rude of not giving her seat to a woman because he called her a “little b****”.

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The original poster (OP) was flying back to campus after Thanksgiving and she always flies with Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t have seats. If you want a specific seat, you should check in as early as possible so that you are among the first to board, so that you have more seats available to choose from.

The 18-year-old did exactly that and got into boarding group A, the first to board, and was lucky to get a window seat.

It was not a regular window seat as it was a seat in the exit row with more space in front as there were no other seats. The OP said she is tall, so being able to stretch her legs was very comfortable.

OP flies with Southwest Airlines, which doesn’t allocate seats

But if you check in as soon as you open the system, you’ll be on board quicker than others and can choose from more available seats

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The Redditor always makes sure that he checks in immediately after getting permission. She has always wanted to get this seat because of the extra room and she has actually been able to do so since she was 15, the age when it is legally allowed to sit in the exit row because the passenger sitting there is able to And should be willing to assist the crew in case of emergency.

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The OP was comfortably in her seat when a woman she described as “big-bodied” and “middle-aged” came over to take that spot from her. The woman said that the OP was not old enough to sit there and that she herself needed it more because she needed the extra room.

The 18-year-old didn’t think she had a serious reason to give up her seat and explained that she was legally allowed to sit there.

The Redditor Picked an Exit Row Seat With More Room for Her Feet Because She’s Longer

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However, the woman did not give up and went on to explain how she was entitled to a seat because she had paid for a ticket and had the right to fly comfortably, which is a strange motivation as everyone has a ticket. What is paid for and everyone would like to have a comfortable journey.

On top of that, he said that the OP wouldn’t be able to do exit row duties properly because he didn’t have that much flying experience.

However, an older woman thought that she deserved more of that seat and wanted the juvenile to move to some other place.

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This conversation began to upset Avvelfond and she remarked that she was probably on more flights than the woman. He didn’t say it out loud, but a thought popped into his head that because of the woman’s stature, he didn’t look like he’d be able to play the exit row efficiently.

Thankfully, a flight attendant came to see what caused the holdup and after the two women explained the situation, the flight attendant suggested the older lady find another seat.

The teen was unwilling to go anywhere else and the conflict caught the attention of a flight attendant.

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While the OP was happy that a crew member was also on her side and didn’t have to move to the other seat, the woman called her a “little b****” because she was walking away and this made her an 18-year-old. I feel like he is an evil person.

This was the first time such a situation had happened to her and she didn’t know what to think. But other Redditors came to help and reassured her that she wasn’t wrong. Sitting in the open means first come, first served, so the old lady had no basis to kick the teenager out of her seat.

The flight attendant took the OP’s side and while the older lady was walking away, the teen could hear how he called her “little b*****”.

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If you were the judge in this situation, who do you think would be guilty? Do you think the OP should have given his seat to the lady because she was older and needed more room than a younger person? Or do you think the woman was being audacious by making such a request and accusing the Redditor of breaking airline rules?

People in the comments unanimously decided that the woman had no right to demand a seat as she was not assigned

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