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Might be my favorite look of the entire season, tbh.

Hello Upper East Siders!! I know it’s hard to believe but we’re in home stretch of season 1 gossip Girl reboot. With only two episodes left, it’s time to sharpen our keyboards and hold nothing back.


Well, as if we were good before.

Without further ado, let’s look into episodes 9 and 10: “Blackberry Narcissus” and “Final Cancellation” in all its forms.


Wendy’s Five Seconds Floral Look:

hbo max

Sure, she wasn’t on screen for long, but her awesome outfit certainly made an impression. I don’t know what else I can say about Wendy’s fashion at the moment, except it’s still like that ugly,


Gideon’s Rebound Outfit:

hbo max

this one it painsBut my dear Gideon was giving off such a Wendy vibe in this outfit. I’m not mad, just disappointed.


Kate’s stunning jogging look:

hbo max

To be honest, this look is just so understated because there are so many finer moments of fashion. This is my WFH look, so I’m definitely not mad at it, lol.


Julianne’s Bretty Party Dress:

hbo max

Please send my apologies to Kiki, but I thought this dress was so ugly and fashionable a teen like Julian would never wear. Looks like something my grandmother would wear to a church Christmas party. Thank You, Ahead!


Julian’s ~interesting~ law office/school fit:

hbo max

Who would wear biker shorts to a meeting with a lawyer about their father’s possible crimes?! Who allowed this?!


Rose’s Sweet Hanukkah Looks:

hbo max

Yes, these outfits aren’t at the pinnacle of Upper East Side fashion, but they get points just for showing up on this show. 30/10, Where is Blair?!


Roy’s “Easy Man On The Go” Uniform:

hbo max

I love a man who can rock a flannel with confidence. Especially one who lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.


max sunshine uniform sweater:

hbo max

This color looks great on them and how comfortable the sweater looks. If I wore it to school I would definitely fall asleep in class.


Julian’s disguise in town:

hbo max

To be honest, I just came here for the Yankee Cap. It’s so interesting to see such a rich kid wearing something you can buy from Bodega for $5.


Audrey’s Corduroy Dream Jacket:

hbo max

I Dear That this jacket is so long and, of course, the brass buttons look so royal.


Kate’s adorable blazer moment:

hbo max

While the dress itself isn’t remarkable, I love watching Kate break out of her bad fashion moments and try something new! Like I said earlier, a simple jacket can really elevate an outfit.


Julian’s Electric School Blazer.

hbo max

this color!!! I can’t get over it. I don’t care if it’s a fake school jacket, I just need it!


Max’s Comfortable Woodsy Fit:

hbo max

It’s totally adorable that Max wore this while helping his father with his landscape business. She is such a sweet pie!


Zoya’s stay at home fit:

hbo max

Nine episodes in and I am so glad that Zoya never compromised her sense of style for anyone on this show.


Luna and Monet’s girls-next-door uniforms:

hbo max

Luna looks flawless as ever, but the real star of this picture is Monet. From a Chanel necklace to a cropped sweater over an oversized button-up shirt (I didn’t get a good picture of it, but omg!!), she’s the style icon everyone should be looking for.


Luna’s business woman wool coat:

hbo max

I am such a sucker for a cute or interesting looking coat. Talking so that…

1 1

Zoya’s Canary Fuzzy Jacket:

hbo max

I don’t know why I love this jacket so much, because it looks like it’s made out of Muppet skin, but Zoya pulls it off so easily. And it’s not even my favorite jacket of these episodes!!


Zoya’s Plaid Wool Moment:

hbo max

Once again, you can’t see it clearly (cue eye rolling), but this jacket is super long and oversized, which highlights how short and sweet Zoya is. Plus, these colors are gorgeous together.


Jeremy O. Harris’ day-saving look:

hbo max

This man is not only a writing legend, But he can also rock multiple shades that shouldn’t be together and can somehow pull it off. What is the icon?


Julianne’s sad press conference turtleneck set:

hbo max

I love this look because it’s the matching turtleneck and skirt set that says “I’m sad, but still effortlessly beautiful.” And for the time Julianne is going through, she needs all the good vibes she can get.


Zoya’s Comfortable Party Look:

hbo max

The dress is a bit plain, but her incredible curls really look put together.


Gideon’s Fabulous Hanukkah Blazer:

hbo max

Thank you God Gideon managed to rock the Wendy vibes and be back on this list. I will say I was worried, but this is Gideon!! He always manages to do a miracle!


Luna’s Sexy Party Planning Fit:

hbo max

From corsets to jackets to purses, this look proves that Luna can wear anything and make it look beautiful Good,


Aki’s skater boi uniform:

hbo max

It’s such a simple outfit, but it’s Aki’s cool and confident swagger that really sets it apart from the otherwise lackluster male fashion on this show.


Monet’s Simple and Classy Mini Dress Moment:

hbo max

This look is giving off “give me your way because my mom is your boss” vibes, but in a good way because it’s Monet, duh.


Luna’s Art Gallery Cape Cote:

hbo max

Ms. Luna has worn a lot of fringe looks this season, but I think this coat might be my favorite. It just makes her glow.


And finally, Monet’s fiery red uniform look:

hbo max

Words can’t begin to describe how much I love this look or how weird’ Incredible She sees. When the promotional photos for the second half of Season 1 dropped and I saw this look, I immediately fell in love. From hair to blazer to attitude, it works great. It’s a “lightning in a bottle” moment for this show, and I don’t know if any of the looks from the final two episodes can top it.

That’s all for now, my dear!! See you soon for our last fashion roundup of the season!!!

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