Episode “Seinfeld” Michael Richards says Kramer is frozen

Kramer, like other characters, developed over the course of the series, and Richards became accustomed to a routine that allowed him to explore the character more. Total actor won three Emmys (Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series) for his portrayal of Kramer. “I started to feel like the Kramer character really became Kramer when we did [episode] called The Statue, where I went undercover to play a cop,” Richards said in an interview during “Seinfeld: An Inside Look” series.

“I told them… Charles, Jerry and Larry David, ‘God, we have to keep going in this direction,'” Richards continued. “And of course, as a comic actor, I had the opportunity to move in that direction.” Filming almost 200 episodes, Richards has been able to create many memorable moments, but fans have their own ideas when it comes to Kramer’s best scene on the show.

The show about nothing came to the top thanks to Endgame, even as the Seinfeld Four ended up in jail for violating the Latham County Good Samaritan Law. Like die-hard fans of the show, Richards is also nostalgic. “I miss my friendships and family,” Richards said during an interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show. “And nine years of professional growth together.”

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