Every Joey King Movie Ranked

This is the point on the list where movies go from “not bad” to legitimately good, and then start moving closer to “excellent”. In Walking in Style, Joey King is more than strong, despite the fact that the cast consists of such movie stars as Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Alan Arkin, Ann-Margret and Christopher Lloyd. It’s an impressive ensemble of huge talent from several generations of Hollywood, and King manages not to get lost in the mix, which speaks volumes about her talents and screen presence.

In the film, King plays the granddaughter of Joe Kane, one of three elderly men who lost their pension and decided to rob a bank. The premise may smack of one of those comedies about “old men getting into wacky shenanigans,” but “Exit in Style” mixes the funny with a lot of mind and heart without wasting the talents of its veterans like so many of this year’s films. kind of do it.

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