Every time Iron Man made the wrong decision in the MCU

Before Tony became Iron Man, he had already gained a reputation for living excessively in everything from alcohol and women to spending his vast fortune. As the CEO of one of the world’s leading arms manufacturers, his genius for technology development was both a plus and a minus, as it did not deter his arrogance.

Flying to Afghanistan to show off his latest arsenal of weapons in 2008’s Iron Man, he showed a nonchalant attitude, treating the heart of the war zone as if it were Malibu. After the presentation, Stark reached not for a handshake, but for a drink to drink, and climbed into the Humvee with a group of young soldiers.

His decision not to ride with buddy Rowdy (Terrence Howard in the original film, then Don Cheadle) and instead hang out with fans taking selfies would be a bad decision that would change his life. The resulting attack led to riots, injuries, captivity and imprisonment deep in the Afghan desert.

Of course, this led Tony to create the first Iron Man prototype, which he probably wouldn’t have done otherwise. However, if Stark had to do all that again, you wonder if he would just jump with Rhodey and play differently.

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