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Tyler Galpin is supposed to be a likable character. He is sweet, gentle, patient and sensitive. He is also a character who undoubtedly went through hell and returned after losing his mother and parenting due to his father’s questionable parenting skills. But Tyler, as a hyde monster and Laurel’s puppet, is disgusting. However, “Wednesday” presents the viewer with a multi-faceted, well-written character through its arc. As it turns out, almost everything he becomes happens entirely against his will. Laurel uses his grief to force him to find solace with her, and then she uses torture tactics to make him completely ruthless.


But while Tyler may not have had much leeway in the beginning, what he said Wednesday at the police station proves he has gone too far. He not only remembers every kill, but also says that he enjoyed doing them. However, unlike Laurel, due to Tyler being cared for by his father and their family’s trauma to be exposed, the show may at some point create an arc of redemption for Tyler. After all, his trauma stems from grief and heartache – he’s not driven by xenophobia like Laurel is. In the end, while Tyler from the first season may come across as obnoxious, he is undeniably one of the most endearing characters on the show.

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