Everyone loves Raymond Fans couldn’t stand Debra in this episode

In season 5, episode 13 (“Super Bowl”), Ray’s job as a sportswriter gives him the opportunity to go on a weekend trip for two to Tampa for the Super Bowl. Ray invites his friend Gianni (John Manfrellotti) without hesitation, much to Debra’s annoyance. She says, “Are you going on this great journey and it didn’t even occur to you to ask me?”

Arriving in Tampa and seeing other men with wives, Ray asks Debra to come down. However, she quickly becomes excited after learning that she will be hanging out with other women for most of the trip. Naturally, there is a fight between Debra and Ray. In an attempt to calm her down, Ray rips up both tickets to the Super Bowl. This also angers Debra, who asks him, “How selfish do you think I am?”

On Reddit, many fans agreed that this episode shows Debra at her absolute worst. redditor you/cardi24 said, “I feel like she pushed and pushed Ray until he ripped his Super Bowl tickets, and then when she realized how awful she looked, she completely backed off.” Meanwhile, u/GiggityDPT said: “She was completely unintelligent and turned what could have been a fun, memorable trip into another one of her ‘you’re a bad husband’ arguments.” As well as u / Lawyer Character 22 pointed out that if everything changed in this situation, Debra No were pleased with Ray’s behavior.

As for Patricia Heaton herself, she is more condescending about the problems of Ray and Debra’s marriage. Speaking with Foundation INTERVIEWHeaton said: “I think what saved Debra and Ray’s marriage was that you know your spouse is ultimately well-intentioned. And it’s one thing if they do something on purpose, but if they’re just an idiot…then they kind of can’t do anything.”

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