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You put me in “Michelle Yeoh”.

Every once in a while, I’m going about my day, minding my own business, and I’ll see a new movie trailer drop by that’s tailored to my specific interests, I can’t help but think. Am that someone is reading my non-existent diary.


Well today, this incident struck me once again when the trailer for everywhere together dropped it! Seriously, it looks incredible, it’s impossible for me to oversell it! Watch the trailer here:

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A24/Via youtube.com

The tweet announcing the arrival of the new trailer accurately described the film.only starring legends, “and they meant it. First, we have icons living among us, Michelle YohoIn the lead role as Evelyn Wang – a woman suddenly faced with every possible version of what exists in a multiverse.


Yes, you read that correctly.

Evelyn has seemingly been called in to aid in some sort of multi-related crisis (ya know, like you have), and she discovers that she can harness the abilities of every version of herself across time and space. can do

And as if that weren’t reason enough on their own, the rest of the cast includes Ke Hye Kwan, Stephanie Hsu, Jenny Slate, Harry Shum Jr., and James Hong!

While more specific plot details are still unknown, it is clear that the film will be a positive action-packed adventure with a sci-fi edge, and all kinds of kick ass moments!


Overall the trailer is absolutely fantastic. In addition to being perfect to watch, it tells you absolutely everything, while somehow simultaneously, telling you absolutely nothing – which is really the best trailer.

So there ya have it! Make sure you check out all the amazing things that are sure everywhere together When it hits theaters on March 25, 2022!


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