Everything happened in Darcy and Stacey Turkey.

Spoiler alert: Details of Darcy & Stacey’s September 13, 2021 episode are discussed below!Darcy and Stacey Silva have made quite a dramatic journey this season. Stacey has continued her chances of having a baby with her mother and Florian, however, following the less fortunate news about her chances of getting pregnant again, it doesn’t look like the couple is still raising their family. ۔

As far as Darcy’s relationship with Georgie is concerned, it has never been more volatile! The couple has certainly had their ups and downs, however, the ups and downs keep coming. With a lot going down, Fans are turning against Darcy, His claim He is guilty For many of his failed relationships

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Well, with a lot going down. Season 2 Darcy and Stacey, It was only a matter of time before Silva’s twins traveled to rejuvenate and transform. The pair headed to Bodrum, Turkey, where they performed a series of cosmetic procedures, and we are compiling everything they did during their “twin information”.

Darcy and Stacey’s “Twin Information”

During tonight’s episode, Darcy and Stacey’s Bedroom, a trip to Turkey. Ongoing and both are definitely living with it! When he tried to leave his luggage back home, it is clear that he still managed to bring some of them with him, his hair extensions, countless suitcases, six-inch heels and a lot of clothes. ۔

Although the purpose of the trip was to rejuvenate herself, and to give Darcy and Stacey some comfort and relaxation, the main purpose was to interpret the two as “twin information”. The twins claim that their journey was an “internal and external change” and that the appearance is certainly true.

The first procedure for twins was to insert new teeth in the Silva style. After shaving her original teeth, Stacey gave Fluorine a chance to return home, much to the surprise of the pre-vendors. Fortunately for both of them, their new teeth were easily inserted, and they set out the next day in search of Bodrum.

What did Darcy and Stacey do?

During their “non-procedure day”, Darcy and Stacey spent time on a yacht, where they got up to take some Instagram photos, and of course, heartfelt thoughts about their relationship shops and Stacy’s struggle with fertility. From heart Despite the heavy caravan, the twins could not wait for their next procedure, which included having their nose done, and a breast lift.

Although both had previously undergone plastic surgery in the United States, mainly in Beverly Hills, Turkey was chosen primarily for escape, however, it is no secret that surgery in Turkey is significantly more significant than in the United States. It’s cheap.

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During an interview with We are weekly., give Revealed everything they did., And then some. Darcy shared, “We definitely made a twin change. It was the best it has ever been! We have a better view of ourselves. Going to Turkey was too much for the internal journey. We had twins again. Are tied as. ”

“We already did the research, because we weren’t just letting a doctor touch us, we had the best,” Stacey said. “This time, it was going to be our last surgery, so we wanted to lift everything! We wanted this snatched vision. We feel really good, light on our feet, because everything was lifted, We were stripped around the waist, the nose was full, the lips were raised, and the fat was removed from our cheeks. We love it! We love the results. ”

Fans think the twins are doing too much.

Although Darcy and Stacey can do whatever they want, many viewers think it’s too much! When they do, in fact, look great, fans are now comparing them to Goldie Han and Meryl Streep. Death became his. Comparisons overwhelmed us, but we don’t expect anything close to this last movie scene. You know what we’re talking about!

Fans also revealed their appearance before becoming a reality star, and while it is clear that their appearance has changed a lot since joining. 90 day fiance. And scoring their own series, Darcy and Stacey claim they are happier and feel better than ever!

In addition, questions arose on Twitter about Darcy’s daughters’ reactions to her new look, claiming that Darcy needed to remember that they were her role models. Well, it doesn’t look like Aniko and Aspen have a problem with their mother’s change, so why anyone else, okay?

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