Everything ‘Law & Order’ Fans Need to Remember Ahead of Big Crossover Premiere

In the season 23 finale of Law & Order: SVU, Benson and company investigate the case of domestic abuse victim Delia (Jordan Spiro). She tried several times to avoid her husband’s wrath, but he violates the injunctions and constantly harasses her. From time to time the SVUs are not sure if they can trust Delia because she calls her husband to come and visit her. Delia kills her husband but is only charged with petty assault due to her own traumatic brain injury, but the main takeaways from this episode are about Benson’s personal life.

The captain has a tense conversation with Rafael Barba (Raul Esparza), whom Rollins (Kelly Giddish) has called in to protect Delia. The old friends are clearly in a bad spot after Barba decides to protect Richard Wheatley (Dylon McDermott), and Benson still hasn’t come to terms with it. He suggests that she loves Stabler unconditionally and adds that she understands because she loves someone unconditionally. This moment suggests that Barba is showing that she loves the SVU leader, but his true feelings for Benson don’t necessarily mean it’s romantic love. There should be more between the duo in season 24 despite Barba not being confirmed yet.

Also, the final episode begins with Benson meeting with her therapist, who urges her to find what makes her truly happy. He also tells her that she and Stabler need to see if there’s anything else between them or move on. This will most likely be the focus of season 24, where we hope Bensler finally talks about their feelings.

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