Everything Pablo Schreiber has been doing since the release of “Orange Is The New Black”

Netflix has become a leader in recent years for a number of reasons, one of which is the flow of fantastic original films and shows. There’s always something to watch on Netflix, but with offers like External banks and the Ozark, they’ve proven they know good when they see it.

Orange is the new black was one of the first hits of Netflix and Pablo Schreiber played a fantastic role on the series.

Fans want to know what Schreiber has been up to since playing Pornstache, and we have all the details here.


Pablo Schreiber starred in Orange is the New Black

Orange new was a fantastic show in its best seasons, and while its lead roles kept people coming back for new ones, the supporting characters were just as interesting. This brings us to a man nicknamed Pornstacy, who was brilliantly played by the talented Pablo Schreiber.

The actor had a wealth of experience before landing the infamous role, but things really took off when he played Pornstache. He was great in almost every scene he was in and his presence was always felt while he was on the show. Despite being an antagonist, fans couldn’t get enough of him.

Talking about the show and the character, Schreiber emphasized that everything has two sides.

“He tries to traverse this life line in both worlds, being a significant work of art that talks about the state of the women’s prison and all this. And at the same time, it can be incredibly fun and shouldn’t be taken incredibly seriously. say that because you can look at the Pornstache character from both sides. “

Being on Orange is the new black has been an amazing way for Schreiber to make huge headway with mainstream audiences, and he has been busy since his time on the show, including doing a lot on the big screen.

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He starred in films such as Skyscraper

While not necessarily known as someone who works a lot in film, Pablo Schreiber has an impressive list of merit. Even looking at his post-Orange work, it is clear that the studios like to work with him.

Some of his greatest contributions include Thieves’ den, skyscraper, and First manLair of thieves was a particularly interesting project as the film has been in the making for over ten years.

Schreiber talked about it in an interviewsaying, “Yes, twelve or fifteen years old, something like that. So much so that I just did Rock in Vancouver (Skyscraper) and I went up there, and the first thing he said when he saw me was: “Hey man, Lair of thieves, I should have starred in this movie ten years ago! “So, you know, it seems to have been discussed many times, but we finally did it and hopefully people will like it.”

This movie made $ 80 million, so you can say it worked out.

All of his work on the big screen is great, but Schreiber continued to make a splash on the small screen.

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Pablo Schreiber also has a lot of TV credits

If you look at the work of Pablo Schreiber, it becomes abundantly clear that this person knows how to do well on the small screen.

Schreiber has participated in projects such as American gods and Defending Jacob since his stay at Orange is the new black… Prior to this project, he worked extensively on other impressive shows.

Of course, the most important thing that is happening with Schreiber right now is the role of the Master Chief on Halo row. This thing has been in the making for years, and there was a small breakup when it was announced that he was playing an iconic video game character.

Fans were used to hearing Steve Downs as a character, and many simply assumed Schreiber would make an impression. However, the actor ditched the idea on social media.

“I don’t create impressions, I play characters. While everyone knows the Master Chief, this show is an opportunity for all of us to get to know John. Thanks for your kind words. We all work incredibly hard to bring something to the screen that everyone can fall behind, ” He published

The show hasn’t debuted yet, but there is a lot of buzz around it. I hope it will live up to the hopes placed on it.

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Pablo Schreiber has been very busy ever since he started playing at Pornstache, and if Halo hits, he’ll roll around in the dough on this show.

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