Everything that happened to Jada Pinkett Smith in 2021

Jada Pinkett Smith is no stranger to the spotlight and has lived most of her life in the spotlight of fame. However, 2021 was a particularly daring year for her, and she has dominated the headlines on more than one occasion with shocking revelations and dramatic moments that fans won’t soon forget.

Much of the drama that unfolded revolved around the details of her marriage and love life, and fans watched her year unfold with waves of controversy and many open, honest discussions. As the wife of acclaimed actor Will Smith, Jada has offered her own unique way to get fans’ attention through her day to day experiences.

10 She spoke about her health condition

2021 was the year Jada Pinkett Smith started shares his health details with the world… She frankly expressed horror as she watched her hair fall out in tufts in the palm of her hand, and she described the sheer horror or bewilderment that was happening to her health and body. She later revealed that she is battling the alopecia that was causing this terrible hair loss and shared her health journey online for fans to watch.

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9 Jada Pinkett Smith strengthened herself by shaving her head

Soon after Jada discovered she was suffering from alopecia, Jada Pinkett Smith showed the world her courage and tenacity by facing the condition face to face and taking control of her health. She stunned fans with her strength and courage when she took to social media, debuting with her bald head. Determined to take matters into their own hands, she and her daughter Willow shaved their heads bald, stepping a step ahead of alopecia and facing total hair loss on their own terms.

eight She got a real glimpse of her romance

It has been a huge year in terms of personal revelation for Jada Pinkett Smith. She used her forum on Red table talk openly declare that she broke her marriage to Will Smith by having an affair with another man. Details of her extramarital affair with R&B singer August Alsina began to emerge, and she immediately found herself in the zone of criticism. Calling her affair “confusion,” she and Will realized how this affected various aspects of their marriage.

7 Jada Pinkett Smith announced her marital grievances on her show

As tensions grew between Jada Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, events began to unfold in front of the public, and fans quickly realized that the couple had begun airing all of their dirty laundry. Jada Pinkett Smith was immediately trolled online for spewing too much information about her family issues, and fans began urging her and Will Smith to stop working, citing how tired they were of hearing about all their riots on public platforms. …

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6 Jada Pinkett Smith in The Resurrection Matrix

In the chaos and reality of the fact that her love life seemed to be spiraling out of control, Jada Pinkett Smith worked hard on filming. Resurrection matrix. She dedicated her time and energy to reprising her role as Niobie and maintained integrity while attending all of the related events and galas associated with this very important role. The film was released shortly before Christmas on December 22, 2021, and Jada was noted for her brilliant acting.

5 She created waves by sharing her intimate details with Will Smith

2021 was the year fans started calling for the cancellation of Jada Pinkett Smith. While many of her fans and followers were impressed by her outspoken approach to talking about her personal life, most of them became increasingly uncomfortable with her sharing too much. Jada made a splash on the internet when she spoke (perhaps too much) about the intimacy between her and Will Smith and how it feels to maintain closeness after decades of marriage. There was a lot of controversy about her level of satisfaction in the bedroom, and it was all too much for fans who felt that her bedroom conversations should remain behind closed doors.

4 Jada Pinkett Smith mourned the loss of a dear friend, Biz Markey

July 16, 2021 was a devastating day in Jada Pinkett’s life as she was forced to face the loss of a very dear friend and a man who was deeply immersed in the special moments of her family. She took to Instagram to share her extreme devastation over the loss of her dear friend, Biz Mark, and touched the lives of her fans with her heartfelt words of those special moments he shared with her and her entire family. She shared her grief with fans by describing her emotions and took the time to thank for the memories that will live on.

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3 She celebrated a significant birthday

On September 18, 2021, Jada Pinkett Smith celebrated a special, significant birthday. The star made sure to turn 50 in style when she donned a yellow tracksuit and black roller skates to celebrate her big birthday on roller skates. She was surrounded by loved ones as she demonstrated her athleticism to the fullest, proving that age is nothing more than a number. Celebrities include Will Smith., Jaden Smith, Trey Smith, Jordin Woods, Karl-Anthony Towns and Lauren London, among others. “

2 She supported her daughter’s polyamorous lifestyle

In 2021, Jada Smith’s daughter Willow followed in her mother’s footsteps and shared some of her very personal details about Discussion at the red table. The 21-year-old told the world that she is committed to a polyamorous lifestyle. While this revelation may not have been what Jada Pinkett Smith envisioned for her daughter’s life, she fully stood by her side and fully supported Willow’s desire. The proud mother said that all she wants is for her daughter to be happy in life.

one Jada Pinkett Smith admits she is flirting with the idea of ​​plastic surgery

Sharing attention to Willow has become routine for Jada Pinkett Smith. By allowing many aspects of their relationship between mother and daughter to be revealed to the public, the conversations between the two women have taken very interesting directions and covered many topics. 2021 was the year both Willow and Jada Pinkett Smith admit they share an obsession that they didn’t live to see the end. It turns out they both thought about going under the knife for a Brazilian butt lift, but in the end they both gave it up.

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