Everything We Know About London Ladies, Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo

Caroline Stanbury, best known for Ladies of London, created many waves when she entered into a relationship with Sergio Carrallo. Fans weren’t expecting this announcement at all, and they had a lot of opinions about her dating choices. Between the personal stylist and the former Real Madrid player for 18 years, it has sent fans and some of their families into a whirlwind of emotions.

Everyone seemed to have their own opinion about the relationship, but ultimately Caroline and Sergio continued to post details of their personal lives on social media and flaunt their shared adventures for fans to see. They definitely showed the world that they are focused on building the future together and nothing gets in their way.

10 Caroline Stanbury was ready to date after divorce

Before being associated with Sergio Carrallo, Caroline Stanbury was married to Jem Habib. The two were husband and wife for an impressive 17 years before deciding to end the relationship. Caroline immediately made it clear that she hadn’t closed the door to marriage at all. She indicated that she was ready for the date and stated, “I am very happy right now. I’m dating, I’m happy, I’m fine, I’m golden. Will I do without a man? “- she said. “As far as I understand, the cherry on top should be the man, not the pie.”

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9 Sergio Carrallo initiated the first kiss

Fans wondering how this relationship came about need no longer be surprised. Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo played a super fun doubles game, closing their eyes and answering many questions about their relationship. The fabulously funny video was circulated all over social media and showed the fun and quirky side of their relationship. During this time, it turned out that it was Sergio who made the very first move. First he kissed Caroline, and the rest, as they say, is history.

eight Caroline has a relationship with Sergio Carrallo on Instagram

After some rather secret dates and a rather low-key relationship between the two, Caroline Stanbury decided it was time to blow up her hot new romance. She shocked her fans by sharing her photo with Sergio on social media. The picture was taken while they were vacationing together in Saint-Tropez. She ended up making them official on Instagram, and fans quickly reacted to the news of their new relationship made public in this way. It was immediately apparent that Caroline and Sergio were in love with each other, and their mutual understanding was visible to their fans.

7 They went on a pretty epic vacation

The tumultuous romance between Caroline and Sergio united them all over the world. The couple clearly share a passion for travel, with each of them sharing snippets of their travels and adventures on social media. Fans enjoyed every photo and enjoyed their romance and luxury travel moments. Caroline and Sergio have traveled to Saint Tropez, Greece, South Africa, New York and, of course, Dubai – just to name a few of their epic vacations that have been widely covered on Instagram.

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6 They got engaged on the mountain

2021 kicked off with a blast for Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo when they announced their engagement to the world. Sergio perfectly planned the important moment and proposed to Caroline from the top of the mountain during a trip to the Himalayas. She excitedly bragged about their great news in January 2021 by posting a dizzying message on social media. “So, I wanted to share this moment with all of you! At an altitude of 5400 meters on sacred lakes, I said YES! ” Meanwhile, Sergio posted the following message on his account: “5400 meters in the Holy Lakes – my new journey is just the beginning. SHE SAID YES !! “

5 They have an overly active intimate life.

This couple shares many details of the relationship on social media, and they answer questions fairly openly during interviews. Commenting on the topic of their intimate time behind closed doors, Sergio Carrallo made it clear that his professional football days are a reflection of his energy and stamina, and made a clear comparison with how that translates to very active intimate life with Caroline. “I burned a lot of calories playing football, so I need to find another way …” he said, referring to a very active and fun bedroom experience.

4 Sergio Carrallo’s father offered him money to leave Caroline Stanbury

Caroline and Sergio may have a crush on each other, but their relationship has been heavily criticized by Sergio’s family. As a mother of three who is 18 years older than Sergio, his family views Caroline as an incongruity that will ultimately ruin his future. It was recently revealed that Sergio’s father disagrees so much with their union that he offered to transfer a huge part of his fortune to Sergio if he just left Caroline for good. Both Sergio’s parents continued to support their son, but did not get rid of their fears and seem to be unsure if this relationship should last long.

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3 They faced a lot of backlash due to their 18-year age gap

This couple is madly in love, despite the backlash from the public. Sergio’s parents’ concerns about the relationship have been echoed by fans who believe the age gap is too great for the relationship to succeed. Sergio has also been accused of ulterior motives, with many claiming that he may have used Caroline to get money.

On the other hand, others lashed out at the couple, accusing Caroline Stanbury of using Sergio Carrallo for physical gratification and as a rebound after her failed marriage. These two are still focused on the love they have for each other, and continue to deny these allegations.

2 Their wedding celebrations went on and on …

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo’s wedding celebrations began long before their actual wedding day arrived. Unable to contain their excitement, they went to various pre-wedding celebrations, which began a week before the important day. They dabbled in dinners and parties with friends as they counted down to their wedding. They celebrated with Nicole Scherzinger and Tom Evans during “Wedding Week,” and eagle-eyed fans noted that this was in addition to their intimate ceremony in Mauritius in November.

one The magnificent wedding of Caroline Stanbury and Sergio Carrallo

On December 18, 2021, Caroline and Sergio officially tied the knot in a lavish wedding celebration. The big day kicked off at Raffles The Palm Hotel and Resort in Dubai. They exchanged vows surrounded by family and friends in a very lavish ceremony, followed by unusual celebrations. Juliet Angus, Sophie Stanbury and Luke Henderson were among Ladies of London actors who attended this very difficult celebration.

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