Evolution moves away from network TV

Recently speaking with television lineJoe Mantegna mentioned that the move to streaming means the show’s writers can now dig into the darkest corners of the universe to create fresh material for the program.


“Sometimes we have to go to a dark place. But now sometimes we go to a place where even darker“, he said. Whether this means the blood factor is about to be raised is not reported, but it seems to strongly hint that the show is set to confront topics that its online progenitor would not dare to touch on. It’s pretty intimidating, but no doubt the show’s writers, producers and directors are ready to handle it.The article also confirms that fans will be exposed to more four-letter words this episode of the program.This is also not the first time Joe Mantegna has warned fans of Criminal Minds about the darker tone of Evolution.

Some of these expletives may end up being uttered by Rossi, who Mantegna says is not in the best of mood when the show resumes. “But,” he added, “what matters is not how many times you fall, but how many times you get up. And I’m betting on him.” And every Criminal Minds fan around the world is probably betting on it too.

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