Evolution star AJ Cook sees huge benefit in streaming format

If Mandy Patinkin used to think Criminal Minds was dark, just wait for the reboot. Not only will Criminal Minds: Evolution be darker in terms of its stories. In addition, the freedom afforded by the streaming format allows him to delve even deeper into the psychosis of the characters – even to admit some expletives. It’s all good, according to actor JJ Jarreau AJ Cook.


“It gives us the opportunity to breathe a little more into the characters, development and story,” said Cook. TVLine. She appreciated the series’ realistic, movie-like feel and the opportunity to expand on her character, especially in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. “I wanted her to be a jaded working mom like everyone got over COVID,” Cook said. “We will see a fuller version of JJ.”

Showrunner Erica Messer confirmed this in September to the Television Critics Association. “It definitely expanded our options,” she said via Alex Zalben, about moving to streaming, showing interest in the new serialized format. “Experiencing the unknown over 10 episodes is something we’ve never done before.” She also appreciates the opportunity to use saltier language, adding that “the dialogue feels more authentic.” But she also knows not to be too rude. “I never wanted us to go into a full R rating, extra violence, or anything that looked like a different series,” she said.

As for Mantegna, he seems ready for any potential expletives, telling TVLine, “They all knew I was dying to say them anyway.”

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