Ex Hello Dad! star Robert Hughes on parole and deported back to UK

Ex Hey Dad! the actor and convicted pedophile has won his bid for freedom and will be deported back to the UK.

Convicted pedophile and ex-Australian television star Robert Hughes will be released from prison and deported to the UK by border guards.

On Thursday, the state parole board announced its inmate ruling against the 73-year-old former star of the sitcom Hey Dad! to be escorted to Sydney airport no later than 14 June after he had renounced his Australian citizenship and the federal government had revoked his residence permit.

Hughes was sentenced to 10 years and nine months in prison in 2014 for ten historic child sex offenses, including non-consensual sexual intercourse and numerous acts of indecent assault.

It took less than a week for the Parole Board to decide on Hughes’ parole after a public hearing on May 27, following several failed attempts by the former actor to be released.

“Parole granted. The perpetrator must be released no later than June 14, 2022,” the State Parole Office said in a statement.

His six-year non-parole period expired in 2020 and the NSW Parole Authority denied him parole twice before he was released on Thursday.

Authorities held a public hearing in Sydney on Friday after earlier requesting a psychological report about Hughes’ risk of reoffending.

Speaking at the hearing, Hughes’ lawyer Hannah Bruce said he was “consistently rated as medium, low, or low risk of reoffending.”

“While in custody, he is not eligible to participate in programs, he is not eligible to participate in any programs for sex offenders … there are no other programs that he could go through while in custody that allowed to reduce the risk of re-offending,” she said.

“This is not a situation where he will be left unattended when he is released into society.

“He is a gentleman at the end of his years. His focus on the release is to keep a very low profile.”

It was said at the hearing that Hughes’ wife, former celebrity agent Robin Gardner, supported him and contacted a psychologist who specializes in treating sex offenders like Hughes who maintain their innocence.

In the UK, Hughes will be required to notify the authorities of his whereabouts and personal circumstances, and his legal representative will say at the hearing that “serious sanctions” will be imposed if the notification orders are violated.

Several of the victims Hughes pursued in the 1980s and 90s, including former co-star Sarah Monahan, were in court for the hearing, and he showed no emotion when he appeared via audiovisual on-screen from prison.

“He looked very, very old,” Ms Monahan told reporters gathered outside the Parramatta courthouse where the hearing was taking place.

“Anyone who goes through this and is afraid to go to court and see them, by all means do it, because it takes away all their power.

“I wanted him to see me… and not be afraid anymore.”

“On the one hand, I would prefer him to stay in prison where he doesn’t harm children, but on the other hand, just let him go, let him be someone’s problem, and then I won’t have to deal with this anymore. “.

Most of Hughes’ crimes were committed before he landed the lead role of widowed father Martin Kelly on the hit Channel 7 sitcom, which ran for seven years, according to court documents.

While in prison, Hughes claimed to have been subjected to constant verbal and physical abuse, including pouring excrement, urine, and boiling water over him.

Hughes’ parole expires January 6, 2025.

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