Experts say Johnny Depp has “already won” an explosives case against Amber Heard.

As jurors debate the verdict in Johnny Depp’s explosive trial, experts say the blockbuster star has “already won.” That’s why.

Experts say Johnny Depp comes out on top in the court of public opinion – and that may be even more important than whether he wins his high-profile defamation case against Amber Heard.

Now that 58 year old Pirates of the Caribbean the star declared his side publicly, lawyers and PR people told Mail the jury’s decision in his favor is not so important.

“When [Johnny Depp] out of the podium, I think he has already won based on his definition of victory,” said Texas civil litigation lawyer Katherine Lizardo.

“Because he already won the favor of the court of public opinion… as soon as he told his story.”

Depp testified for four days during the second week at the Fairfax, Virginia trial, and then again for more than three hours on Wednesday.

He is suing his ex-wife for $70 million, alleging she slandered him in 2018. Washington Post an article in which she described herself as a victim of domestic violence.

Heard, 36, filed a $141 million counterclaim, alleging that Depp slandered her when he said she lied about her allegations of abuse.

“I think for Johnny Depp, winning a defamation suit doesn’t matter,” Lizardo said. Mail.

“Winning would have been just the icing on the cake for him, because his main purpose of filing a defamation suit was to clear his name and go to court with public opinion.”

From the very beginning of his testimony, Depp emphasized that he filed a lawsuit to “clear my name” for the sake of himself and his children, 22-year-old Lily-Rose and 20-year-old Jack, as well as for the sake of those who work in the film industry. who trusted him.

According to experts, he achieved this during the time spent at the booth.

“Now I consider it indisputable that the court of public opinion is favorable to him, listened to him and now supports him. Whether he wins or not, I don’t think it matters to him, or even to the court of public opinion,” Lizardo said.

California entertainment lawyer Mitra Akhuryan added that the point was not really to win the libel suit, but to, as he himself said, clear Depp’s name in the public sphere.

“This case concerns the use of the courts as a platform to present one’s point of view, as well as clear the records and influence public opinion in court,” Akhuryan said.

“This is more important than the trial itself,” Akhuryan said. “Of course winning the lawsuit helps because it establishes that something false has been said about him, which is a big deal.”

It was so important to Depp to clear his name of allegations of domestic violence that he was willing to air his other dirty laundry, including his battle with alcohol and drugs.

However, as Akhuryan noted, Depp’s legal team made sure to address Heard’s allegations against him directly, giving their opinion on what happened.

“He went for it knowing that it would all come out,” Akhuryan said. “Okay, I do drugs, I’ve struggled with addiction since childhood, but I don’t beat my wife.” And that’s all he’s trying to say.”

The lawsuit sparked endless comments on social media that were largely highly critical of Heard.

“His fans basically run a smear campaign around Amber Heard and he doesn’t even have to do anything. This is what the six-week trial, broadcast every day, is what they were counting on,” Akhuryan said.

“People online love to hate her. It looks like vitriol,” added the California lawyer.

Judah Engelmeier, president of public relations firm Herald PR, which represents the disgraced director Harvey Weinstein, agreed that the fact that the trial was televised was a loss for Heard in front of the public and suited Depp well as a born artist.

“It’s terrible because you see every flaw, every word spoken, every evidence that doesn’t necessarily match what she said that something happened a couple of days ago, and then social media calls her in and immediately beats her up for it. ‘, Engelmeier said.

“She is human. She sits in the role of high pressure. [There is] a lot is at stake for her. Things won’t go smoothly and she will make mistakes,” Engelmeier said. “Social networks don’t care about facts, they only care about what they see.”

Heard’s lawyers tried to block the cameras in the courtroom, but were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, because [Depp is] a born star who always entertains, he’s in front of the camera and he’s having fun again,” Engelmeier said of the televised trial. “I think it’s probably a defense mechanism, but it’s also calculated. He’s trying to be witty, he’s trying to be funny.

“It’s his way of winning over an audience, whether he’s on stage, in front of the camera, or in front of a jury.”

And while Depp may come across as “a little tarnished” and “no longer a family man” after the trial, Engelmeier says Depp has shown just how vast his supporter and fan base is, which could appeal to studios considering hiring him for new projects. .

“He also showed that he has a huge fan base and can draw a big crowd,” Engelmeier said. “And I think that will impress the studios more than anything else. And while they’re not going to make him a lovable hero in the next film, they could make him a hated villain or a lovable villain.”

Akhuryan was a bit more skeptical about Depp’s future competitiveness.

“Now the question is, do these fans who rally around him have more influence than a potential financier or investor who is still taking risks?” Akhuryan said. “If it was me, I would like to pass a drug test. I need him to behave in the best way, and he has a chance.

Engelmeier also said that he thought Heard could still continue her career after litigation with studios that “want to be on the right side of social history” by giving her roles in smaller films. And she could also go on a talk show to discuss her experience after passing two tests.

“There is still a group of women, a group of supporters and people who believe that she is righteous for having stated her voice and her truth, and strong enough to sit and endure public insults and humiliation during the trial,” said Engelmeier.

Akhuryan says that if the jury decides that Heard slandered Depp, “her career is over.”

Similarly, Lizardo said that Heard’s “reputation has been severely damaged” and Depp’s planned denials by witnesses “could completely destroy her credibility”.

Representatives for Depp and Heard declined to comment.

Additional report by Elizabeth Rosner

This story originally appeared on New York Post and reproduced with permission

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