Explaining the Real Relationship between Drew and Jonathan Scott from Property Brothers

The evolution of the entertainment industry over the years has made room for just about every kind of programming you can think of. Although there are shows based on real estate brokerage such as Sale SunsetThere is also one based on home renovations. Complements, right? Real Estate Brothers talks about the life of two identical twins who are engaged in real estate and construction.

Since its first airing in 2011, the show has become the highest-rated program on the web and has won two awards for that spot. In general, there are not many programs in the television industry that are hosted by identical twins, so it is quite normal for people to take an interest in their personal lives and their relationships outside of the show. This is what it looks like.

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6 Jonathan and Drew Scott have always been real estate geeks

Canadian twins Drew and Jonathan Scott came as a surprise to their parents and grew up on a farm, which gave them a good upbringing. This, combined with their exposure to the real estate world early in their lives, set this couple on a journey that led them to buy their first home at 17. The surprises don’t end there, my brother also managed to sell the house shortly after he bought them and around the same time made a profit of $ 50,000 from it.


5 Drew and Jonathan Scott live completely different lives.

If you follow Real Estate Brothers, you’ve probably noticed that Drew and Jonathan are very close, and it comes to the fact that they even have identical speech patterns. However, the brothers confirmed that their interests in life are in fact far from each other. In an interview, the Scott brothers told the world about their personal life. Drew was considered an extrovert and spent most of his time away from home. Jonathan, on the other hand, turned out to be reserved and shy, which proves once again that they have different interests in life.

In Drew’s words, “I think the biggest difference is that I have a personality and Jonathan doesn’t. He’s a robot. ” Despite the long list of differences, they are more often than not mistaken for each other, and this happens mostly to fans who don’t know them outside of the show.

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4 Jonathan and Drew Scott as children

Most mothers who have identical twin children usually come up with a system to distinguish them from each other. However, things were different for Drew and Jonathan’s mother and sometimes a little confusing. It was kind of a relief for fans who had the same problem.

During an interview with Glamor, the twin brothers revealed that years later, when they mistook them for each other, their mother has finally found a reliable system to distinguish them from each other.… According to Jonathan, “she said I use louder words.” Drew objected, “Since then, I’ve been looking for therapy.” The brothers also added that they are usually easier to distinguish from each other on the show, as Drew always shows houses to interested people, while most of Jonathan’s skills are mostly based on construction work. So the next time you see one of them swing the hammer, it is most likely Jonathan.

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3 Jonathan and Drew Scott’s romantic relationship

While Drew and Jonathan Scott do most of their business together as a team, the brothers also have some personal aspects of life that they take seriously. One of these aspects has to do with their personal, romantic relationship. Drew, being the more low-key of the couple, found love early and married his longtime girlfriend Linda Phan back in 2018. On the other hand, Jonathan, although not married, is also happy with his love, actress Zooey Deschanel.

2 Jonathan Scott’s relationship with Zooey Deschanel

Jonathan Scott and Zooey Deschanel met while filming Carpool Karaoke and immediately scored. In September 2019, their romance was confirmed. USA weekly… The day before their relationship officially went public, Jonathan Scott told the magazine, “I’m dating someone, I’m a very private person, so I usually don’t talk about it. This is definitely special for me because I’m a guy who raises the bar on what I’m looking for in a partner. I was taken by surprise. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. ” Over the years, Jonathan and Zooey have done a lot together.and it seems that things are getting much more serious with the couple.

one Jonathan and Drew Scott scandals

At this point, it is safe to label Drew and Jonathan Scott as “HGTV royals”. In addition to posting many shows on the web, including Brother Against. Brother, Buy and Sell, Ownership Brothersand some other spin-offs, the stars also have a few personal projects up their sleeves, and since it comes to their personal lives, we had to find out.

The couple announced a while ago that they were planning to launch a lifestyle magazine, and of course, fans were ecstatic as usual. However, despite their multimillion dollar fortune, Drew and Jonathan Scott were got into quite a few scandals over the years that could affect their careers. These days, the Scott brothers manage to keep their nose out of trouble and focus entirely on building their brand.

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