Explanation of Morlana Odin Andora

Basically, Morlana-1 is a mining planet run by the Preox-Morlana Corporation. Although Preox-Morlana reports to the Galactic Empire, she is on her own. He has his own security team that can investigate crimes and make arrests, all of which will be brought into play as the series progresses.

The Preox-Morluna Corporation controls almost every aspect of life on Morlun-1, not just the government. Its citizens are also its workers. In this, it is reminiscent of the mining towns in the American Wild West, where everything was controlled by individual companies. Naturally, this leads to oppressive conditions that will force someone to join the rebellion.

Morlana One is the first place Andor visits. In the opening scenes, Andor goes to Morlun-1’s brothel looking for his sister, but is confronted by two Preox-Morlun security officers nicknamed “Corpos”, whom he is forced to kill. This puts Preox-Morlana Deputy Inspector Cyril Karn (Kyle Soller) on Andor’s trail, and he soon becomes obsessed with hunting him (via Back).

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