Explanation of the bullet train ending

Before the White Death dispatches Ladybug, two henchmen who were ordered to open the briefcase that Ladybug was supposed to steal finally completed their task. However, earlier in the film, the Prince had Kimura crack the case’s code and rigged it to explode when it was opened again. Therefore, as soon as the White Death’s thugs lift the lid of the box, it explodes, knocking Ladybug back into the stationary train, followed by the White Death and several henchmen. This gives Ladybug enough time to break free from the clutches of the White Death.

At this point, the White Death is distracted by another problem – the Prince, whose every move was aimed at killing a crime boss. As the White Death enters the train, he is confronted by the Prince, and she makes it clear that the reason she is so determined to get him out is because he is her father. Yes, the Prince twice threatened the life of Kimura’s young son, manipulated, killed and stuffed a suitcase with explosives, because she is a sociopath with daddy issues.

The Prince seems to be unhappy that the White Death never paid any attention to her because she is a girl. While most people would seek the help of therapy to deal with rejection, Prince has gone the other way, and even as she brandishes a gun in her father’s face, she still pursues her goal. The White Death is notorious for killing anyone who crosses it with a weapon that has been threatened against it, and the Prince expects that is exactly what he will do to her. She even hands him a gun. However, earlier in the film, in anticipation of this exact moment, the Prince sets his gun to backfire, killing anyone who pulls the trigger.

Despite her tears, the Prince actually looks forward to a brutal victory over his father. Unfortunately, while the White Death accepts the gun, he refuses to kill the Prince, leaving her feeling hurt again.

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