Explanation of the end of the day shift

Three-quarters of the way through Day Shift, after using fairly standard human vs. vampire logic, good and evil, the film becomes much less black and white as a pair of vampires suddenly find themselves on Bud’s side. Seth, despite an initial out-of-control attack on Bud immediately after his conversion, is determined to help Bud get his family back and get revenge on Audrey for making him a vampire. And we also learn that Heather, Bud’s new neighbor who was sent by Audrey to spy on him, only reluctantly follows her “maker’s” orders and wants to attack Audrey too.

After a successful rescue, Bud tells his daughter that “they are good vampires” but no one mentions it. Can vampires be good? How does Bud know that all the vampires he kills are bad? Is there a way for the union to tell the difference? Are all other vampires we’ve seen just as capable of deciding whether to be good or bad as Seth and Heather, or is this a special trait of supervampires? Do vampires have human rights in the world of Day Shift? Come to think of it, most of the vampires we even saw Bud kill were just minding their own business when he broke in playing video games or eating cats. It is possible that he is actually the real villain of the film, as in Richard Matheson’s short story “I Am Legend”.

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