Explanation of the ending of the second season of the series “Owl House”

Throughout the second season of The Owl House, viewers will learn how devastating the curse has been for Eda’s life. This hurts her father, causes Eda to abandon her friends, and eventually causes her to lose her powers. She finds a cure for the curse and learns to deal with the rest of its effects, but still considers it the source of most of her problems.

However, Eda’s curse seems to have a deeper meaning. Like a youtube channel cartoon ruins suggests that there are many parallels between how Eda’s family reacted to her curse and how people react to mental illness. Eda’s mom rejects the way her daughter deals with her curse, and even the opinion of experts in the search for a cure that may not be. Lilith, on the other hand, doesn’t realize how much pain the curse has brought to Eda until she goes through it herself.

Eda has a breakthrough in the Season 2 episode “Knock, Knock, Knock on Hooty’s Door” when she is put into a magically enhanced sleep. In the dream, she first tries to punish the beast for causing so much trouble by ignoring her own responsibility in actions such as pushing people away. However, Eda realizes that the beast is also bound to her against his will and decides to comfort him before asking for a truce. As a result, the sky becomes bright and colorful, suggesting that she is feeling better, and after this instructive scene, Eda wakes up to find herself taking on the form of a powerful harpy.

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