Explanation of the ending of the third season of evil

While we think some fans might be annoyed by them, in our estimation, the Bouchard sisters are the real heroes of the show. It’s nice to see them challenging – or at least annoying – Leland to the point where he gives up trying to contact them. Their most heroic moment came in the third season finale, when they literally saved their father’s life.

When Edward (Tim Matheson) takes a video call with the Bouchards that was supposed to be with Andy (Patrick Brummall), Kristen quickly pushes them out of the room, knowing something is wrong. However, the girls also know that something is wrong and they don’t believe that their father really got caught in the avalanche like Edward says. Suspecting that Leland is somehow involved, they come up with an ingenious plan by sending him a message in Bumblebee Valley, a virtual game he uses to try and trick them. When they hear the familiar ping notification coming from the call, they realize they were right.

Ironically, neither Kristen nor Ben (Aasif Mandvi) believe the girls when they reveal their suspicions. Ben’s dismissal of Laura’s claim seems particularly odd, especially since it’s a perfectly logical explanation. Andy is returned home thanks to the intrigues of the girls, but it quickly turns out that everything is wrong. We hope that next season, the Bouchard sisters will finally be recognized for their ingenuity, and not be rejected by the adults around them.

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