Explanation of the full attack timeline on Titan

A homeless girl from beyond the Walls was also given the name Ymir by the leader of the Cult of Ymir in 780. She joins the cult and becomes a worship figure until 785, when they are all rounded up and turned into Pure Titans who roam the desert. Meanwhile, Paradis sets up three military branches inside the walls: a military police force, an internal security garrison regiment, and a reconnaissance corps, also known as the reconnaissance regiment, that fights the Titans beyond the borders.

Grisha Jaeger was born in Liberio in 806. His younger sister is tortured to death by Marley Public Safety. In 824, Grisha joins the Restorers, a group that wants to restore dominance to Eldia. He has a biological son Zeke with Dina Fritz in 825.

Marley begins the “Warriors” program, in which the children of Eldian are trained to control Marley’s family of Titans. Grisha sends Zeke to join the Warriors as a spy in 832, but Zeke turns in all the restorers instead. They all transform into Pure Titans, except for Grisha, who gets an Attack Titan in the confusion.

In 835, Eren Yager is born in Shiganshina to Grisha and his new wife Karla. Around this time, Eren’s half-brother, Zeke, inherits the Titan along with his fellow warriors. In EC 844, young Mikasa Ackerman is rescued from slavers by Eren Jaeger, who kills two men trying to capture Mikasa. However, Mikasa manages to kill the third one and joins the Jaeger family. When the Warriors arrive to take over Paradis, the Pure Titan who was once Ymir eats one of their Titans, reverting to his human form.

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