“Facebook Facing A Big Tobacco Moment” – Sen. Richard Blumenthal – Deadline

Updated, 8:14 AM PT: Francis Hagen, Facebook WhistleblowerTold lawmakers that the company was “making a profit on our safety”, reiterating that the company was aware of the potential harm to children from the platform and would not take meaningful action despite public speaking. Chose

While this message reflected what he said. 60 minutes On Sunday, Hagen also outlined measures he believes Congress should rein in the company.

Hagen said lawmakers should amend Section 230, a 1996 law that exempts platforms from liability for third-party content, to exempt decisions about algorithms. It also proposed a regulatory body to oversee the tech platform.

It also challenged Facebook’s own claims in the flood of video and online advertising, which support changes to Section 230 and privacy laws. But Hagen said the company’s proposals “would not be the real issue.” Instead, it called on lawmakers to “get out of their regulatory framework” and said “unless privileges are changed, Facebook will not change.”

It also said the company is less transparent than other platforms, accusing Facebook of hiding its data so users don’t know how to personalize its feeds.

“A company that has a terrible influence on so many people needs real oversight,” he said.

His testimony could give renewed impetus to legislation, as lawmakers have proposed a series of measures over the past few years, only to see it weakened. Sen. Amy Klubucher (D-MN), who chairs the Senate Judiciary Anti-Trust Subcommittee, said she was working on legislation. A House subcommittee passed a series of measures over the summer.

First: Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said Tuesday that the world’s largest social media company is facing “a giant tobacco, jaw-dropping moment of truth” because a large collection of documents whistleblower shows that Facebook puts profits ahead of child safety. He knew it was hurting.

It introduced a hearing on a Senate Commerce subcommittee focused on testimony from former Facebook executive Francis Hagen, thanking it for being one of the most powerful, non-performing corporations in the world. ” CNN heard from the start, Fox News joined, and MSNBC provided coverage.

“But you’re not alone here. You’re equipped with documents and evidence that show how Facebook makes a profit in front of people.

Facebook was the target of a series of investigative reports last month in the Wall Street Journal based on documents provided by Hughes. He made a fuss about the fact that the Facebook platform harms young people in various ways and is aware of it. He signaled a hearing on Hill last week with Facebook’s director, Global Head of Safety, Antigone Davis.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been largely silent in recent days, and lawmakers hit him with an avalanche of documents over his “shipping” and, by a strange coincidence, the FB’s social media platform yesterday. Went downstairs for an unusual six hours.

Sean Blumenthal said that if Davis had insisted that the investigation documents have come to light, “there is no bombing.” This research is the definition of a bomb. Facebook is facing a big tobacco moment. I helped guide Tobacco’s big xx when I remember when we found the files they researched. [showing tobacco is harmful] And hid it. “Blumenthal – head of the subcommittee on consumer protection, product safety, and data security – was a leader in exposing the dangers of large tobacco.

“Facebook knows that its products can be toxic to children, but they value their profits more than harming children,” he said.

He said the SEC and FTC should also investigate whether Facebook has misled investors.

More to come.

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