Facebook Set To Ban All Content That Sexually Harasses Celebrities As Part Of Its New Harassment & Bullying Policies

# Roommates, just one week after being hit by a massive shutdown. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook has just announced its plans to launch a series of new policies – and FirstUp, a tailor made for celebrities. According to reports, Facebook will now ban all content that sexually harass celebrities, as part of its latest policies to harass and bully.

TheVerge reports, Facebook a Important announcement Earlier in the day, regarding the removal of “extreme sexual content” targeting celebrities. According to Antigone Davis, Facebook’s global head of safety, the company will “dedicate any profiles, pages, groups, or events, including celebrities, politicians, and content creators, to sexualizing public figures.” [Including banning] Any defamatory material with sexual photoshopping and drawing “in the process of bodily functions”

In addition, the company will permanently remove “unwanted sexual comments and repeated attacks that sexually harass an individual.” In a company-wide blog post, Davis explained the decision, saying, “Public figures – whether they be politicians, journalists, celebrities or creators – use Facebook and Instagram to connect directly with their followers.” We have made these changes because such attacks can be a weapon in the public eye, which is unnecessary and often not related to the work that these public figures represent.

And much more, as the popular social media platform will ban further attacks on Facebook users who have a “growing risk of offline harm”, whether it’s targeted posts and / or messages from Facebook’s policies. Don’t violate.

As we reported earlier, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg reportedly lost 7 7 billion after an hour-long hiatus that affected a large portion of the Internet earlier this month.

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