Faith Drew explains Nathan Fielder and Sacha Baron Cohen’s influence on The People’s Joker

Vera Drew worked with Nathan Fielder as an editor on the first season of his reality show Nathan for You and reunited with him on Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? When asked if Fielder’s special thanks implied any special involvement in the making of the film, Drew replied, “He may have been one of our financial backers, but no, Nathan didn’t really contribute much other than being one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. ever met and worked with him. He’s kind of completely reinvented reality-based comedy.”

Where Fielder’s influence is particularly noticeable in The People’s Joker is in the very concept of an “illegal comic book movie” that goes beyond parody law and fair use. One of the most infamous stunts in “Nathan for You” involved opening a “stupid Starbucks”, a carbon copy of Starbucks but with the word “stupid” attached to each name to make it look like a parody. Unlike an unnamed media conglomerate threatening Drew to remove “People’s Joker” from TIFF, Ultimately, Starbucks chose not to take action. against “stupid Starbucks”.

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