Family drama erupts after dad finds out that his wife has cheated on him and threatens to stop paying for children’s colleges if they don’t get a DNA test

Life is wild. The first 20 years, it is traditionally filled with magical events, where everything is new and exciting. Then the fun suddenly turns into responsibility, where 24 hours a day seems too short to get anywhere. It also doesn’t help that your family constantly reminds you that your mother’s friend’s son is already married, and your neighbor has already completed his eighth higher education.

In the end, you achieve all your goals and calm down. Life slows down and becomes calmer, and you meet the love of your life. You get married, have children – everything is fine, but it is not. Because, as it turned out, your wife cheated on you when she was a housewife:

This is the potential story of the father of this Reddit user who decided to punish his children for their mother’s infidelity. The post received over 21 thousand votes and 1.2 thousand comments, in which people openly discussed the seriousness of this difficult situation.

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Father wants to punish his son for cheating on his wife

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An online user shares a story on one of the Reddit communities explaining how his life turned upside down when the whole family found out that his mom was having an affair.

Dad forces his children to take a paternity test, otherwise he will not pay for their education, as promised.

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OP began his story by sharing that his father found out that his mother was cheating on him. The mother did not say with whom, but it is believed that this happened around the time when the woman was a housewife.

The woman had children around the same time, and the father is convinced that his children may not actually be his. Moreover, he delivered an ultimatum to all of them, stating that he would pay for their education only after it was proved that they were all connected.

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The fact is that the father promised to fund his children’s college education long before the cheating scandal broke out, and all the brothers and sisters were counting on this money.

OP’s older sister did not hesitate to take the paternity test because she was sure she was her father’s daughter. Also, she is the only one who was already enrolled and attended, so she needed this DNA test to get a positive result.

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Unfortunately, the OP firmly believes that he is not his father’s biological child because people have told him that he is not like the rest of his family at all.

The guy is also completely petrified, as he fears that his father will never contact him again, let alone pay for his college. He doesn’t want to take the test, but he feels like he has no other choice. The OP also mentions that the money is not in the college fund, so it will not go to his mom after the divorce is complete.

OP shared that he would go to college relatively soon, and that he accidentally chose an expensive school since his father would pay for it, but now, even if his mother wanted to fund her studies, she would not be able to afford it. The guy also mentioned that he was extremely pissed about this whole situation and that his father decided for himself that since his son did not want to take the relationship test, he would assume that they were not relatives and would interrupt him as soon as the OP turns 18. …

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However, the OP later edited the post and informed everyone that after reading the comments, he decided to continue the test, since it is better to know for sure for his own sake. What do you think of this difficult situation? Do you think your father might have overreacted?

Redditors colleagues express their support for the OP

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