Fans angry at Taylor Swift for being the bride at Lena Dunham’s wedding

“Swifts” reprimanded on Twitter. Taylor Swift Seemingly objectionable Choice of friends.

On September 25, the actress and writer saw. Lena Dunham is married to musician Louis Felber. In London. According to Vogue, The ceremony was very deep, Hosting only 60 people and 8 brides “to observe the couple’s exchange which he himself wrote.”

Some of the 60 had beautiful faces, such as Bride, Tommy Dorfman and Taylor Swift. A photo released shows Swift and Dorfman happily sitting in their bridal attire that looks like Dunham’s wedding reception.

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Talking about his choice of brides, Dunham said, “You can have a big wedding with fewer brides, but I guess it’s just a matter of me taking my close friends there. How excited I am. ”

He added, “I spent a lot of time talking to my girlfriends about my feelings on Facebook during the epidemic, but some of my best friends I haven’t seen in over a year, and You know, my girlfriends have had a lot of fun with me in our youth, so it was very special to be able to happily celebrate something and use it as an excuse to be together.

However, following the release of pictures of Swift as the bride’s character, a large number of fans took to Twitter to kill the singer. He pointed out. Numerous controversies Dunham has been involved in everything from allegations of sexual exploitation to “hipster racism” and even cruelty to pets.

For example, one trolled Swift and her fan base as she said, “So all of you heroes #taylorswift decided not lips, fake #MettoEudler, let me finger my sister, Blake PPL is just 4 tape dances, I have two men / women to worry about when they scroll and live without any trouble, I have another pet Alinadonham the friend he needs in his life. Bet. ”

Another critic noted, “Of course Taylor Swift is Lena Dunham’s bride. Dirty and disgusting go hand in hand.”

Another added, “I’m so sorry but I’ve officially stopped Taylor Swift to make excuses that she was the bride at Lena Dunham’s wedding.”

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Meanwhile, some Swift fans chose to contact the singer to urge her to stop associating herself with Dunham. One said, “ay taylorswift13 blondie. We love you, but Lena Dunham isn’t the only one who doesn’t associate herself with her choice.”

Others simply couldn’t understand why Swift would want to actively engage with someone who had committed “hateful” acts. He questioned Swift’s own ethics because he believed that someone’s friends were a direct reflection of themselves.

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Lena Dunham is married
Lena Dunham surprised fans by marrying Louis Felber

News of Lena Dunham and Louis Felber’s wedding hit the headlines this morning.

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