Fans are always angry when working on Instagram Live.

Nikki Minaj Is The queen was called by her favorite fans., As she is considered one of the best women in rap music.

But there’s one thing she’s not the best at – and she’s figuring out how to make Instagram work.

The artist was discussing it on Instagram Live. (Or was trying) and the audience was laughing at the confusion on the platform.

Nikki went live on Instagram to chat with fans and friends.

Good night Who just dropped a song with Jesse Nelson., Announced on Twitter that she is going live on Instagram.

She invited people to join her and said that she was going to give jobs to some fans.

“Going to the IG later and doing job interviews with / with Barbs. If you want a job, this could be your lucky night.

Well, a lot of people have seen it.

When he finally got it, he was having some trouble figuring out how to make the live feature work and add people to the screen.

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People who were watching and watching Nikki’s struggle with IG Live while working had to laugh.

Many of her fans said that whenever she goes on Instagram live, she is always confused.

One person wrote, “One thing about Nikki, she never knew how to make IG work.”

“Nikki really challenges technology. It’s really bad. How long has the live feature been on Instagram and she still doesn’t know how it works. It’s to be loved,” said another.

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Others were saying that he desperately needed someone to show him how the feature works.

Sky Jackson was watching and commenting that someone needed to help him.

One man told Manaj that they were going to send him a lesson.

“Oh, someone asks Nikminaj to hire me, but show her how to work when she’s on it, because Sister is confused!” One man wrote

Others said the management app was getting better, but very slowly.

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