Fans are divided over the news that Sutton hired security guards during his altercation with Erica Jane.

this weekend, Hollywood Life Reported it Sutton Streak. K was hired by security at the end of filming for season 11. The real housewives of Beverly Hills. Because she was so nervous. Erica In the midst of their feud, fans have been considering the issue ever since, but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus.

Sutton and Erica’s drama is a polarizing issue, divided into two distinct camps: Team Erica and Team Sutton. The question is, what are each of these groups saying?

Some say Sutton is playing the role of hunter.

Sound on a post by Everything about teaIt has become increasingly clear that some Twitter users were less sympathetic to Sutton’s choice to hire him, complaining that in doing so, she was going too far.

Some also argued that Sutton had obtained the interpretation of the secret excavations and interference, and that he could not face retaliation, hence his harsh response.

The other team is Sutton, all the way.

Although Team EJ was quick to argue that Erica had never physically threatened Sutton, Southern Ballet supporters were more inclined to suggest that she make the right decision to play safely.

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Some even said that they would have done the same if they had been in the situation themselves – especially since they felt that, at the time of the threats, Erica was in a “disappointing” situation.

Living inside Team Sutton but leaning towards Sub-Group A (let’s call them “behind the scenes”), some have suggested that Erica may have created other off-camera threats that guarantee private security.

Given that Sutton has previously shared that at Kathy Hilton’s indecent dinner party, Erica said something under her breath that she would never repeat, it certainly makes sense for fans to have some doubts. can!

A third camp is emerging.

Although most of the fans are strongly under Team Sutton or Team Erica, there are some select neutral observers who were not explicitly in favor of Erica, but also said that in the context of its legal issues, it fuels it. Couldn’t add. Doing anything to set fire to Sutton.

In a similar vein, some argued that. both of them Women were wrong and should have their share – and others still thought there would be no winner in such a situation.

Whether it’s Team Sutton, Team Erica, or In Beatoner, it’s something all fans can agree on.

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Crystal Mankov Rubh
Special: ‘RHOBH”s Crystal Mankoff addresses her arguments with Sutton Streak

He spoke exclusively with TheThings about his heritage, thriving business and so on.

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