Fans are not happy with this criticism of George and Amal Clooney’s marriage.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin have been married since 2014, but their romance has garnered media (and fan) attention. Recently, fans were horrified by this rumor. George and Amal were expecting another child..

Although the news was allegedly a fabrication, the fact that it went viral in a short order indicates how popular George and Amal are as a couple. The thing is, their marriage has always attracted a ton of attention, no matter what they do.

Needless to say, the birth of their twins اور and the privacy that still surrounds preschool children Ella and Alexander عملی has virtually destroyed the Internet. But not everyone is happy about the couple’s level of fame.

At the very least, they are not happy about Amal being tagged for George by Hollywood fame. But fans also have their own ideas.

A publication claims that Amal Clooney got married ‘down’

When George Clooney first came out with human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin, it was as if the whole planet was shocked. Previously, George was primarily known as a serial dieter and permanent glamorous bachelor. Hearing that he intends to marry someone – anyone – It was a shock

Of course, ignored the fact that the clone. Was First married, in the early 90’s. In the meantime, however, she made headlines to meet various famous women. But his relationship with Amal was different, and fans (and tabloids) watched.

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One journalist lamented the fact that many people saw Amal and his exploits as a footnote. Headline topic Literally, “Amal Clooney got married. She’s more interesting than George.”

While Content The piece made some good points, such as Barbara Walters presenting Amal with the award for ‘Most Interesting Person’ based on her ability to catch George, the overall delivery upset the audience.

Fans do not agree with the assumption that Amal is ‘married’

The fans took over. Reddit. Talking about the article and its inconvenience – and, they say, the wrong headline. However, he noted, isn’t marriage about a partnership? Why start with the suggestion that one or the other half of the couple is married “down”?

Another fan said that while Amal is crazy, she is just. Famous Now that she was married to George. That doesn’t mean his accomplishments aren’t worth it, but, as one fan put it, “the reason is that he’s a celebrity, and the media likes celebrities. Lawyers don’t get publicity.” Celebrities do. ”

Another commenter agreed, “Your education and wealth do not make you a better person.” His argument was that George Clooney is in no way inferior to Amal, and that no other Amal picker and headline is really reaching out.

Of course, he. What Agree with the overall sentiment – that Amal is much more than she is married to.

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