Fans are still talking about this hot squabble between Bill Maher and Ice Cube.

When you are an ardent and opinionated public character like Bill Maher, you must step on your heels from time to time and get involved in conflicting interactions. The comedian is currently the HBO talk show host. Live with Bill Maher, he has been in this role since February 2003.

Over the years, Maher has found himself at the center of some brief but memorable exchanges with, among other things, conservative political columnist Ben Shapiro, host of CBS programs. Late show, Stephen Colbert and longtime Trump campaign activist and senior adviser, Kellyanne Conway.


Another long-running confrontation involving Maher is a 2017 swap between him and rap legend Ice Cube following a racial dispute that became embroiled by the host. The drama unfolded when Cube was due to appear on the show. Real time after the re-release of his 1991 album Death certificate

Maher racistically insulted Senator Ben Sasse

Ice Cube featured in Episode 18 of Season 15 alongside writer, radio host and minister Michael Eric Dyson, former Florida Congressman David Jolly, political strategist and commentator Simon Sanders, and CNN political analyst David Gregory.

As luck would have it, in the immediately previous episode Maher made one of the most egregious mistakes can be done on national television. One of his guests in this episode was Republican politician Ben Sass, the junior U.S. Senator from Nebraska. When the host announced that he would like to visit Nebraska more often, the Senator greeted him, saying, “We would like you to work with us in the fields.”

Like most comedians, Maher reacted quickly to the comment. However, his response was not well thought out and he ended up threatening to cancel it. “Working in the field?” he posed. “Senator, I’m a home nigga!” Even Sasse seemed speechless and just grinned awkwardly at the joke as the audience laughed. Unsurprisingly, Maher’s mistake had serious consequences.

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Ice Cube quells rumors that he’s boycotting Maher’s show

There was widespread criticism for Maher’s insult, but even more for how easily the word slipped out of his tongue. The comedian was also called in for simply continuing the show and apparently was unable to later understand his momentary violation. At least he immediately tried to mitigate the damage by saying, “No, this is just a joke.”

Senator Ben Sass speaking on Live with Bill Maher.
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With one week between recording Real time episodes, there has also been some speculation as to whether Cube will fulfill its intended appearance or boycott it as a result.

However, the musician quickly suppressed this noise, confirming that he would definitely appear, as he wanted to talk to Maher about the incident on national television.

When the day finally came Friday star was the last of a group of guests to be greeted on stage. Maher knew exactly what to expect. “So, I know that you are here to promote the album. I know that you also want to talk about my wrongdoing. What do you want to do first? ” he started.

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Ice Cube accepted Bill Maher’s apology

Cube was kind enough to immediately defuse the tension in the room by cheekily taunting Maher. “I knew that sooner or later you would screw up,” he said, to the delight of the audience and the jury. He then proceeded to compliment his host and the show before getting to the heart of the matter. “I just want to know why you thought it was cool?” he asked.

Maher began his defense by explaining that as a comedian hosting a live show, he usually has very little time to ponder his answers. “I just explained, they didn’t think about it,” he said. “Obviously, I told Dr. Dyson, the comedians, they react. And that was wrong. And I apologized. There is more I cannot do. “

Cube told Maher that he accepted his apology before explaining why this word is so offensive to African Americans. “This word was used against us,” he said. “It’s like a knife, dude. And you can use it as a weapon, or you can use it as a tool. White people used it as a weapon against us. And we won’t let this happen again. “

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Maher and Stern
Howard Stern and Bill Maher totally disagree with marriage

After all, it’s unlikely that these two titans of entertainment and comedy will ever agree on this personal issue.

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