Fans are #TeamGarsell after his gang up.

Fans didn’t like how the conversation ended, and many people were online with Garcel.

The cast poses in the RHOBH reunion.
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Last night’s explosives. Real housewives. Of Beverly Hills Reunion was full of drama.

During this season, the women took to the stage to review some things, and Dort Camsey and Lisa Ranna The two were seen attacking Garsell Bevas..

Dort and Lisa were complaining that Garcel was “inactive”

On last night’s episode, two members of the cast tried to resolve their issues with the wife.

In Reunion, Camsley complained that Garcلa was talking nonsense about her in private interview clips.

“When we get together or you don’t say much on someone’s face, and then you say it in confessions,” he told her.

When Beowulf and host Andy Cohen both try to point out that Dort asked them to be more direct, he explained that “a passive aggressive job with a smile” doesn’t mean that.

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Camsley then casts a shadow over Garcel, saying he has to try and stay relevant.

When they approached Lisa, she said she was mad that Garcلa had not raised any issue with a racial comment that Reina had made until the reunion.

Although Beowulf tried to defend herself and explained that she did not trust him, Lisa did not want to listen to him – but in the end she offered a ceasefire and hugged Garcel.

Fans announced on Twitter that he was #TeamGarsell.

After the reunion aired, many said they did not like how Lisa and Dort conspired against Garsell and would not really listen.

“The way Dort and Reina talk to Garsell is not in my spirit. Why don’t they ever have that much energy with other women?” Said one man.

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The way Reina and Dorit Garcil are talking is reprehensible and it’s surprising that they thought they would find * absolutely * favorite or delicious here. Another viewer wrote that it was “bitter jealousy and anger that Garcel is the favorite / undisputed new queen of the fleeing fan.”

Others laughed as Dort tried to say Garsell, Which has been in the spotlight for decades., Is not relevant.

And when it came to Lisa Ranna, people were saying that she was standing behind Garcel.

It will definitely be interesting to see how the girls meet next season, Shooting will begin this month.

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