Fans are very unhappy with this big disdain for ‘Better Call Saul Star’ Emmys

Rhea Seehorn is an actor who is a fan Reddit named “Best Female Character of the Last Few Years on TV” (a.k.a. Kim Wexler) – didn’t win an Emmy for five seasons of Better Call Saul. This year, Seehorn finally received a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series – and hopeful fans tuned in to see her (finally) take it, but the award ultimately went to Julia Garner for her performance in The Ozark.

Needless to say, it didn’t sit well with viewers, who had already harbored resentment over her absence in previous years. Social media reactions ranged from bewilderment (“HOW didn’t she win?” one twitter user) to disappointedto pure, genuine rage, as in the case of one already oftenretweeted proclamation.

For many, the fact that Seehorn’s performance in the second half of Season 6 will still be eligible for next year’s awards show doesn’t cause much condolences. “I think there will be a chance next year,” wrote a Twitter user. @mizphantasm“but the show will be over for the whole year.” The fear of momentum bias was shared by many, including a number of fans who responded to criticism. Alan Sepinwalla hopeful reminder of Seahorn’s potential in 2023.

However, the fact remains that, as always, could happens to an undeservedly underrated actor, and (again, as always) some fans remain hopeful. “I’m not going to call for a revolution just yet,” he wrote. @This is Alden Diazadding: “But I swear to all god that will hear me – Rhea Seehorn better win this final race.” [of 6B]. We must avoid neglecting life.”

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