Fans believe Rihanna’s Matt Gala jacket is hiding a secret pregnancy.

Fans started looking at Rehana so that she could take off her big black coat … and then the rumors started. Is she hiding the baby bump?

Rihanna and AP Rocky.
By: Instagram: BadGalRiri.

The Met Gala is the most prestigious event on which fans rely on the big fashion showcases, and Rihanna and AP Rocky did not disappoint. In fact, they’ve sprinkled some extra spice on the event, sparking pregnancy rumors, and fans are going wild.

All eyes were on him. ریہانہ And A $ AP Rocky as they made a rare, and epic appearance together at this important event. They were both dressed in black, and A $ AP teased the crowd by wrapping themselves in a comfortable, textured blanket before taking the world by storm. Fans believe this was just the beginning of pregnancy ….

Rehana’s pregnancy rumors.

Rihanna and AP Rocky turned their heads. Upon their arrival at the Met Gala, fans see their relationship and their clear love for each other.

They were full of smiles, and looked really happy and connected, and as soon as A $ AP Rocky started playing with the crowd, the fans couldn’t help but wonder if Rehana’s big The jacket that was styled like a cape was actually strategically designed to hide the baby bump.

Over the past several months, the two lovebirds have been photographed by paparazzi. They toured and enjoyed a series of history nights., And on closer inspection of her outfit, the curiosity of many fans began to really rise.

There was a lot of rush in front of his stomach in his clothes, and he was fitting the form from the top, while it was wide and flowing from the waist down.

Pregnancy rumors are circulating officially …

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The fans are talking ….

Fans need to see all this to talk about the possibility of Rehana getting pregnant.

Social media is resonating with fans who are saying. “Oh, she’s not releasing an album yet because she’s getting ready for Mom’s life,” and “You all know she’s pregnant …” “What’s hidden under that jacket, Rory?”

Other comments include “Hide her pregnancy,” and “Take off your coat, Reri, let’s see,” as well as “Do you all think Rehana is pregnant?” And; “She’s about to show this baby bump.”

Another fan wrote “Are you hiding something under this couple?” And “She’s pregnant. She doesn’t fool anyone.”

Also read a cute comment “She’s shining, she’s so happy! Wait …”

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