Fans brag about trolls as easy as they are.

G. Easy posted a clip on Tik Tok, proud to say that he does his own stunts, but the attention he drew to this post was not what he expected. Instead of praising his efforts, He suffered the brunt of being a troll. By those who hate it

The video shows the G-Eazy suspended from the roof, giving a studio atmosphere. He has seen her hold on to the ropes that hold her in the air, and her arms and legs are tangled, which seems like a sadly disorganized moment. Then, suddenly, the rope gives way, and there is a moment of fear to protect it.

Unfortunately for G-Easy, her fans weren’t impressed with her Schengen at all. In fact, they trolled him on social media instead.

G. Easy Stunts.

G. Easy is proud of the fact that he does his own stunts, but. It was great to be with these special stunt professionals.. The video she posted will impress her fans and will be hailed as a risky adventure.

It’s not clear what he was shooting, and why he was suspended from the air, but sadly he didn’t actually do any real stunts, and instead he did an absolute bully on the ropes. Looked like At one point in the video, he leaned back and looked like he was fighting a hidden ghost in the air. As he tilted his body backwards, the ropes loosened a little and his body bent backwards in a strange way.

Fans took advantage of the opportunity to roast him for his lack of harmony and dragged him out of the moment for being oblivious to him, then made fun of him for all sorts of other things, and He was targeted in various ways.

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Unrestrained trolling.

There was no end to trolling after this video surfaced. The audience had a lot to say about this strange moment, and it made things so bad that G. Easy was trying to brag about his stunts as if he was starting to fail in the worst possible way.

Comments on social media include “He’s going to be a meme,” “Lol he doesn’t even nun,” “What he did was swinging on the wire 💀,” and “” I thought he was some Phillips or something. Is going to … my hopes have been fulfilled. ”

Others wrote, “He put a mat under it before it hit the ground,” and finally Spider-Man – looking like Denzel in trouble. Shut up, “well” Look at the problems that came back to him. ”

There was no end to the trolling, with one fan making fun of G-Eazy and bragging about the way he performed the stunt. “On the climbing wall of the mall like these kids 3 feet off the ground. Boy, you’re dangerous.”

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