Fans call Jennifer Aniston BS as she calls David Schumer ‘my brother’

It was only months ago that the world watched in amazement when Jennifer Aniston and David Schumer announced Mutual lost connection I Friends Reunion.. But, while Once again, she was asked about her romantic life., Aniston has extended the statement with his latest comments which was not about the nature of their relationship.

Talking to Fun tonight.“She was,” Aniston said. Surprised to hear rumors About the possible romantic relationship between the 52-year-old star and her former cast member.

“It was weird. I couldn’t believe it, really. Like, really? This is my brother! But I understand him,” Aniston said. “It just shows you how hopeful people are for dreams to come true.”

But fans were quick to point out that this was not the case. Morning show. The actress was speaking back in May when the couple admitted on television that they had feelings for each other. “The first season, we – I really liked Jane. And I think we both,” Schmidt began, before Aniston intervened, confirming that many fans had long I hoped to hear from.

He said it was revenge. But apparently not now.

“Is it you?” Asked a critic, who was accompanied by a screenshot of the couple’s references to his question.

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“At one point, we were both crushing each other hard, but it was passing like two planes because one of us was always in a relationship and we never crossed that line. Respectfully, “Schweimer explained.

“It would be very upsetting if you and I were actually going to kiss for the first time,” Einstein told Schumer. We just transferred all our love and affection for each other to Ross and Rachel.

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Despite recent denials, Einstein has continued to spread rumors about the pair on his Instagram, leaving the official “WE WERE SO NOT ON A BREAK” mall, citing a polarizing moment in Friends history when Russia Maybe or maybe Rachel didn’t cheat..

But it was “Brother” ‘s comment that got fans and critics online, because it’s the exact opposite of what he said. Howard Stern Show In June.

“We were in a relationship and it wasn’t always the right time and it didn’t work,” he told Stern, as well as giving interviews. Friends. Castmates Courtney Cox and Lisa Cudrow. “The beauty of it was that whatever emotions we had, we literally turned everything into Ross and Rachel, and I think that’s probably why it resonated with her.”

Naturally, Twitter is not convinced about this latest narrative change. One Mumtaz wrote, “Mam Yal said that you all crushed each other when we came to him because we are your brothers.”

Another added, “David lost all desire to live because we all know you can’t come back from being a boro zone.”

It seems that Aniston has forgotten what he said about David Schumer in the summer, but the internet never forgets.

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