Fans called Taiga’s behavior after the domestic violence arrest.

His girlfriend, Cameron Swanson, posted pictures of his severely injured face online, and as soon as the photos went awry, Taiga turned himself in to authorities. Serious allegations of domestic violence

The photos shocked the audience, and the debate quickly turned to why Taiga resorted to such violence, and why it signaled him to fall off the shore. This is far from the picture that fans expect him to present to the world, and he is expressing his hatred and disgust at recent events.

Fans aren’t ready to support it just after the allegations as it comes to the surface, and fan reactions on social media suggest that Taiga could be the next celebrity to be canceled.

Taiga’s domestic violence arrest.

On Monday, October 11, it was reported that Taiga’s girlfriend, Cameron Swanson, arrived at his home against his will. Reports show that it was 3 o’clock in the morning and she was drunk and screaming loudly, and he let her in to talk.

As a result of a conversation between them, Cameron called his mother, who immediately came to pick him up, and the marks on Cameron’s face were not hidden.

Police were soon involved, and on Tuesday morning Taiga found himself handing over to local authorities.

He was arrested on serious domestic violence charges, but was immediately released on 50,000 bond.

The images were cursed, and it was clear that Cameron had been violently and aggressively attacked.

She posted her story on Instagram, and when fans discovered the shocking fact behind her injuries, social media erupted in anger and demanded the cancellation of Taiga over her horrific behavior.

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Fans call Taiga.

Only two people really know what happened behind those closed doors of Taiga’s house, but for now, all the information points directly at Taiga. Abuser

Fans take domestic violence very seriously and have not wasted any time in airing their grievances and will be shocked to hear of Taiga.

The messages include “Domestic violence deserves a long prison sentence,” “DV is no joke. Don’t waste your life because you go crazy over a woman and live your life …” Look at this energy when Your own daughter came home with a beating on her face like their rappers. ”

Other comments include “He took it too far, I’m following him,” and “Wow, Taiga has been canceled for me,” and “I can’t stand it, I’m with Taiga.” “She is OK.”

Another fan wrote, “The man who kills a woman is not a man

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