Fans can expect big changes from the Dancing with the Stars movement on Disney+

Dancing with the Stars will run for a full two hours while it transitions to streaming. Technically, it has always been that way. But on network TV, producers have always taken commercial breaks into account during their broadcasts. With no ads on Disney+, producers are still aiming for a total runtime of two hours, which means they’ll have a lot more time to fill in.

“We have up to two hours on the nose to fill it up, not the two-hour commercial version,” said DWTS producer Conrad Green. Diversity. “And that’s almost a third of the stuff you need to find for the show.”

Finding content that fills the entire two hours is one thing, though it won’t be a problem at first, according to Green, simply because the new show will have more contestants than almost any other previous season. A potentially bigger problem for the producers was figuring out how to make changes to the sets without the interruption afforded by commercials.

“We lost 34 minutes of reset time,” Greene said. “So those are our big challenges this season, how do we fill them? [extra] editorial time, and secondly, how do we deal with the loss of those minutes that we used to reboot? The executive producer also said that they planned to address these issues by bringing back the skybox that came and went over time. of 30 seasons (via There’s also the option to bring back group dances and other features that were removed in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

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