Fans can’t believe how Kahlani’s life changed after meeting Nick Cannon on ‘AGT’

Earlier this week, Kehlani sat down for an interview. Breakfast ClubRevealing that Nick Cannon had a big hand in the singer’s success.

Apparently, many fans did not know that Canon played a detrimental role in the life of the “Kian I” star – but they have been dating since the teenage years of Kahlani. Take part in the NBC Competition Series. Qualifications in the United States In 2011.

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At the time, Kahlani was part of a band called POPLYFE, which came in at number three – and while there were high hopes for the group after the show ended, the group later disbanded, but Kahlani kept in touch with Canon. Stay

According to one of the mothers, the latter arrived after hearing about the band’s demise, and to his surprise, Canon was assembling a group of his own.

Kehlani offered the opportunity, but quickly realized that she wanted to be a solo artist, so during another conversation with the father of seven, he thanked her for the offer but it was not for her.

The TV producer then decided that he was leaving. Invest in Kehlani’s career. Offering everything to get her out of her music, starting from her apartment, a car and a place to record her songs, which Kahlani says she will be forever grateful for. Will

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Judging by the reaction of fans on Twitter, many were amazed at how helpful Canon is to the 26-year-old.

“It changed my life forever. It’s a family for me,” Kahlani said, adding that he is not the only artist who has been supported by Canon in the music industry.

“So when it’s all talk, and I’m waiting to say it somewhere, but when it’s all talk that separates and likes it, people can call it crap and people can call it anything. … He has quietly changed the lives of a lot of people. He didn’t ask for anything in return … You won’t know. ”

Kehlani, Who once dated the R&B singer party Next Door.Revealed during the interview that she is working on her third album, Blue Water Road., Which she hopes to release in December.

His sophomore record, It was good until it was., Released in May 2020.

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