Fans can’t believe that Russell Brand defended Joe Rogan’s recent claims.

Joe Rogan. His comments on Covid 19 have been constantly attacked. Especially when he revealed that he had contracted the virus and had taken the controversial antiparasitic drug. Ivermectin for treatment. Comedians accuse. CNNOf The “Horse Dovermer” statement and is now considering a lawsuit.

This is such a delicate subject because false claims have led to an overdose of Ivermectin that treats COVID-19 symptoms. However, the drug is not approved by the FDA for the treatment of corona virus in humans or animals. No wonder Rogan is on fire for “Ivermectin Definition”.

But Russell Brand – a former guest. Joe Rogan’s experience – The podcaster has come to the defense. Katy Perry’s ex-husband. He believes Rogan is a victim of “information politics.”

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Russell Brand says ‘reporting around Joe Rogan is extremely serious’

The brand has a self-made YouTube channel where it teaches its 3.79 million users “how to raise our awareness”. He also talks about how religion, capitalism and communism are all “dead”. There, the self-proclaimed “awakened man” shared his thoughts on Rogan’s defeat of Ivermectin.

“For example, most of the reporting around Joe Rogan initially focused on the fact that he had the corona virus,” he said of the “small objectivity” and explanation of COVID-19 information. I said. “[The media] There was a kind of desire for him to suffer and he was very angry about his treatment. ”

The British actor was very careful in sharing his thoughts on Rogan’s use of Ivermectin. The brand added, “As Joe Rogan said on his podcast, he got better very quickly, suggesting that at least in his case, the treatment he gave was effective.” “But it shouldn’t be a political thing.”

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Brand said: “For the rise of dictatorship in this area, [him], Causes some concern. “This includes the ongoing debate over vaccination, which has also provoked some reactions from Rogen. Brand said what he wants to see is” open, simple communication and the individual freedom and liberty you want to choose. ” To take. ”

Russell Brand’s own controversy

The brand may have stopped making movies, but it still has a fan base that some see as a “difference in making.” One critic tweeted: “Brand Coved also pushes denial. BS is now BTW. Glad they continue to book ‘capitalist realism’ royalties to zero books.” recently , Forget Sarah Marshall. The star hosted a community gathering that Netizen called a “super-spreading event.”

The brand’s “33 Tour” guidelines were called irresponsible by many frustrated fans. One of them wrote: “I barely escaped Quaid in March 2020 and you are preaching to fans how to get admitted without being vaccinated and / or if Quaid is positive so that they can perform you live.” See? Pray that no one dies because of your deadly advice. ”

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Media literacy author Nathan Elbach also tweeted: “[Russell Brand] This is a perfect example of how populism can rot your brain in the barren land of conspiratorial thinking. He always uses language like ‘elite’ and ‘establishment’, but he has been a complete hippie since the coup. [Alex Jones] Under the guise of a neutral skepticism.

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He wants to put down 16 facts about Rogan.

The 16 facts about Rogan are that he wants to keep it down.

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