Fans can’t believe that Tiana Taylor was only 15 years old when she helped choreograph the Beyonc ویڈیو video.

Back in September 2006, Beyonc She released her second single, “Ring Alarm”, taken from her second studio album, BD.

The song was a commercial success, surpassing sales of one million copies in the United States and reaching number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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What fans didn’t seem to know was that the accompanying music video was partially choreographed by none other than Tiana Taylor.

The latter, who has been signed to Kenny West’s Best Music Record label since 2012, was only 15 years old when he gave Basri the opportunity to choreograph, which fans often consider to be one of the best videos of Queen B’s career. ۔

Taylor’s involvement with the project came in a tweet that went viral on Twitter earlier this week, although it was already known that the “Google Me” star had a hand in “sounding the alarm.”

Still, it seemed like a lot of people didn’t know yet, many people chose shocking emojis when they reacted to a tweet from a social media platform.

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Prior to signing with West, Taylor had previously signed a record deal with Ferrell Williams’ Star Trek Entertainment Imprint, which he chose to leave the company after he became frustrated with his music career.

Taylor, Who once had a long argument with Rehana.Has released three albums: its first record, VII, Retreated in November 2014, followed by 2018. KTSE And 2020 Album.

Last summer, Mother of two Announced She was retiring from music., Writing, “I am retiring this chapter of my story with the peace of mind that I can leave with the peace of mind to see that all the hard work and passion has been liked and supported anywhere in the world. went!”

“I love you for all my supporters and all my newcomers from day one and I thank you for everything.”

Among Taylor’s most successful films were “Maybe,” “Guna Lo Me”, and Platinum Sale “How Do You Want It?” Featuring King Combs, the son of Daddy.

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Here are 15 photos of how Beyonc جے treats JZ.

Beyonc is best known for her Lemonade album, released in April 2016, which discussed her marriage issues.

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