Fans celebrated the first landing of ‘Wanda Vision’ for Amy One, Marvel Studios.

Although more awards are pending, fans are happy to have won the Wanda Vision category.

Wanda Vision

Wanda Vision Has won its first Emmy Award, and now Twitter fans are celebrating the show. Of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Succeeds with his beloved and critically acclaimed shows and movies.

On September 11, a part of the Creative Arts Ames was held. This year, the awards ceremony is being divided into three events over the weekend of September 11 and 12.

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Wanda Vision, Marvel Studios Miniseries, took home two Emmy Awards. This is the first time the studio has won an Emmy Award. Wanda Vision So far, one narrative program (half an hour) and one outstanding production for fantasy / sci-fi costumes has won in the design category.

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Wanda Vision Earned yesterday 23 Emmy nominations This year, for the following categories: Outstanding limited or anthology series, lead actress in a limited or anthology series or film, lead actor in a limited or anthology series or film, directing for a limited or anthology series or film, a Writing for limited or anthology series or movie and much more.

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Fans are celebrating the good news on Twitter.

Some acknowledged that this was a first for MCU.

Many people complained about the show’s costume design.

Others thought he should have won in more categories.

Some even went so far as to call it the best story ever in MCU.

The series was created by Jack Schaefer for Disney +. It focuses on Wanda (Elizabeth Olson.(Fire Vision)Paul BetneyTwo superpower creatures are alive and hiding their true identities in the town of Westview, New Jersey. As they go through different decades, they begin to suspect that not everything is as it seems.

Disney + also won Emmy Awards for its series, Mandlorine.. She won the categories of Single Camera Series (Half Hour), Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour) and Cinematography for Sound Mixing for Artificial Makeup. Black King. Won in the category of costumes for various, non-fiction or reality programs. This means that Disney + won a total of six Emmy Awards in its first year of streaming.

Central Show, 73rd Annual. Primetime Emmy Awards, It is being held on September 19 and will be hosted by Cedric the Entertainer. Marvel fans will have to wait and see. Wanda Vision We will get even more awards.

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Is there a future for vision in MCU after Disney Plus’ Wanda Vision series?

Wanda Maximov’s glimpses peek into her own alternate version and Vision suggests that she use a magic TV to reunite with her beloved.

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